3 Very Bizarre and Crazy Car Interiors

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To some, a car’s style is just as important as its engine. Some enthusiasts and professionals, including the U.S. Air Force, have taken their car’s interior style to the next level. Check out some of our favorite one-of-a-kind crazy interiors we have seen.

Artistic Vision

This Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat’s unique interior caused a bit of a stir among some. That being said, we wanted to note that the company that created this custom job went through all the proper precautions for obtaining the exotic animal material. Meaning, there was no animal harm done in order to purchase the skin, the skin was only taken from elephants who died naturally.

Dedicated to the art of designing extremely unique and intricate car interiors, Carlex Design almost outdid themselves with their custom Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. Just as wild as the 707-horsepower engine is under the hood, is what lies inside. To complete the designer’s dark and ominous concept, Carlex used real elephant skin on the car’s dash, steering wheel, doors, seats and dash. The center of the steering wheel also has a material that looks like molten lava, and our opinion that is pretty cool, as the steering wheel connects to the SRT Hellcat’s engine, which is definitely pretty hot.

Military Men Like Muscle, Too

The United States Air Force commissioned and collaborated with an outside design firm to create two specially-designed muscle cars. The first car to come to life was the Ford Mustang and it looks nothing like any other Mustang we’ve ever seen. This Mustang is a white, sterile, and almost plastic looking interior and it has a centered solo seat. The interior truly gives the appearance of what being in the cockpit of an airforce plane would feel like. Only pictures do it justice.

The second car was the Challenger ‘Vapor’ and it is the epitome of stealth vehicles. The Challenger ‘Vapor’ has a radar-absorbing matte black paint and scissor doors that open to the cockpit. The black interior has a cockpit-like feel, with a airplane looking steering wheel. This one is a two-passenger vehicle with biometric cabin entry.

Bling Bling Everytime I Come Around Your City

People love gold, so it’s no surprise that someone somewhere put some gold touches on their car. But, Swiss entrepreneur Ueli Anliker, went above and beyond gold accents on his McLaren SLR 999.  

Anliker didn’t just want to own an expensive car like a Mercedes McLaren, but he also wanted to transform it to one of the most expensive cars ever made. Anliker’s McLaren is complete with a lot of real gold and red rubies.

But you know that saying, “money can’t buy taste?” That saying applies to this car. Though the materials are pure luxury, the clash of gold and red is loud and pretty hard to look at. Plus all of that weight in gold must take quite a toll on the car’s performance.

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Photo sources: airforce.com, af.mil, pinterest.com, and snopes.com

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