3D Printing in the Automotive Industry Could Be Huge

December 15th, 2016 by

3D Printing

Imagine obtaining whatever you need for your car in a short amount of time. A new headlight, or a specific engine part, or even a brand new fully functioning car, the possibilities of 3D printing are virtually limitless and it looks like the new tech could have a lot of benefits in the car industry.

  • 3D printing makes the flexibility in vehicle design and customization options much easier. Can you imagine telling an engineer exactly what you want in a vehicle from size to color and so on and then receiving the vehicle in about 44 hours? Yep, it can be done that fast.
  • 3D printing is also more environmentally friendly because the fabrication process requires less electricity than the amount of electricity needed in the current method of vehicle production.
  • One might think the cost of 3D printing would be expensive, but its not. In addition to the saved costs from the reduction of electricity used, to make the car, 3D printers are a lot less expensive than the cost of labor needed for an assembly line.
  • Having a low risk, high reward system is always good in any industry. In this case, 3D printing definitely qualifies as low risk, high reward in the automotive industry. In the automotive industry, a lot of risk comes from producing a large number of vehicles in an assembly line just to find out one thing went wrong or there ends up being a recall. With 3D printing changing a mistake is easier than ever on the CAD software.  

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