5 Best-Selling Used Cars from 2015

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Some people will only buy new cars, but once they drive it off the lot the vehicle immediately loses a chunk of its value. Is it worth buying new? While buying a new car does offer a piece of mind because the car is backed by a warranty for an extended period of time, depending on a used car’s year and mileage, a new used car might still be covered by a factory warranty. Furthermore, used car buyers can also buy an extended warranty that can be added into monthly payments if added on when buying the car.

So whether you are on the market for yourself, or you have a new teenager in need of a car, or are helping a parent search for a used car, check out the five top selling used cars from 2015. But before buying a used car, always be sure to get the CarFax and check to see if any recalls have been issued on the car.

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord was the number one most sold used car in 2015. Used Honda Accords, typically have an average price around $15,017, depending on the usual variables such as mileage, age of car and physical condition of the car. Honda’s have a reputation as being reliable, safe, and long lasting cars that maintain their value, so they are a great option to consider when shopping around for a used car.

Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry’s popularity as a used car is not far behind that of the Honda Accord. The price of a used Camry floats around $15,077, which is slightly more than a Accord. Like Honda, Toyota is a Japanese car maker that also has a long history of reliability.

Nissan Altima

Another popular used car made by a Japanese manufacturer — are we seeing a trend here?. Nissans have great engines that last a long time. The Nissan Altima has been an IIHS Top Safety Pick since 2012 and it has a great fuel economy, so it is a worthy buy.

Honda Civic

Ah, another Honda, and if you are familiar with the car industry this isn’t much of a surprise  The Civic is another long lasting, safe vehicle to look at when searching for a used car. This car generally sells for $13,302 as a used car. The biggest difference between the Civic and the Accord is size, but the amount of technology is also a factor. The Accord tends to cost more, because it is also more advanced.

Ford F-150

Calling all American made fans! Some people prefer to buy cars made in this country, which is understandable. Good news for those people (especially truck lovers!). The Ford F-150 is the fifth best selling car on the market last year. Generally, a used F-150 sells for around $22,358. This is the most expensive of the top five. This is because trucks are larger, which tends to run the price up. If you need a good used truck to be able to off-road or pull cargo, this used car is for you!

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