6 Ways To Prevent Vehicle Mishaps While On Your Road Trip

June 30th, 2021 by


One of the most exciting things to look forward to during the summertime is summer vacation, and for many people looking to get away, going on vacation means going on a road trip. One of the worst things that could happen during these four-wheel retreats is an unforeseen breakdown. So before you get packing, here are a few things to check before leaving for your great road trippin’ adventure.

Check Your Tires

Most people don’t pay much mind to the condition of their tires until either one of them gets a flat or even explodes. While it’s a detail often overlooked, it should be prioritized even more so for going for a long drive, since tires are one of the most important parts of a vehicle.

You’ll want to start off by checking for dark strips of rubber on the tires, as this signifies that those wheels need to get replaced. One should also leave a spare tire in the trunk, as well as a jack and necessary tools to change a tire. Inflating your tires regularly is also a plus.

Investigate The Electrical System

Electrical components are also worth checking, specifically with the wipers, the horn, and lights. The lights are probably the most important of the three regarding overall road safety, especially at night. Ensuring that your lights are working on the inside and out, is also the best way to prevent you from being presented with a ticket.

Look Underneath The Hood

Moving under the hood, you’ll want to examine fluid levels, such as with the brake, oil, transmission, windshield washer, and power steering. Then investigate the belts and hoses for any indication of damage that needs to be contended with. 

While you’re already on a roll, it’s a good idea to check the vehicle’s battery installation date. If it was installed over three years ago, then you should have it replaced, because God forbid your car suddenly hits a stop in the middle of nowhere.

Have An Emergency Kit Ready

It’s a good idea to have a first aid kit no matter if you’re driving across the state or across the street. While it’s good to have your car checked for a long drive, who knows what will happen while you’re on the road, and you’ll want to be able to get it moving until you find a repair shop nearby.

Some of the basics that are a must-have in an emergency kit include jumper cables, a gallon of antifreeze, roadside flares, tire inflator, flashlight, duct tape, a toolbox encompassing fundamental tools, bottled water, and paper towels. Also stash away a couple of gallons of gasoline, in case you find yourself far away from a gas station.

Give Your Vehicle A Rest

This is something fairly easy but not so much at the same time, is NOT speeding through highways…or at least allow your vehicle to get some rest every once in a while. Speeding no-stop without allowing your car to get a break can put some serious stress on your engine. Try to vary your driving speeds from time to time, even more so to avoid getting a ticket. If your journey is hours long, then consider stopping every so often.

Get Help From A Professional

This may seem obvious to the non-DIY drivers, but it’s important for both parties. While you may be adept at examining certain faults in your vehicle, you likely won’t beat the eye of a professional. An expert will be able to point out certain imperfections in your car that you might not have noticed. Check out repair shops in your area and have it serviced before zooming off into the distance.

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