7 Things To Look Forward To For The Autonomous Future

August 11th, 2021 by


Slowly but surely, the idea of self-driving vehicles is becoming a reality, with many big-name automakers implementing driver assistance technologies into their newer cars. These technologies have already proven to be useful for preventing vehicles from drifting into bordering lanes, backing into objects or pedestrians, and automatically braking to reduce the impact of an impending collision. One can only imagine the wonders that a car that is fully autonomous can do. Here are 7 Things To Look Forward To For The Autonomous Future.

Lighter Traffic

Driving without the interruption of human error may result in fewer crashes, and therefore fewer road blockages. Factors such as more regulation with speed and a safe distance between other vehicles, as well as information regarding traffic volume geared to municipal systems should result in an easier traffic flow.

Use Less Fuel

This coincides with the decreased level of traffic. Conjunction on the road results in a lot of stopping and starting, or even inactivity from time to time, which causes drivers to lose more fuel. It’s likely that with enough self-driving cars on the road, there won’t be as much idleness during rush hour traffic.

Fewer Angry Drivers On The Road

Another expectation in the future of automotive Eden is that there will be fewer angry or impatient people to deal with, or rather fewer people that will be driving recklessly. As such, there will be less fender benders and/or collisions. Instead, those angry people can simply Tweet their frustration…what a concept.

Fewer Crashes 

This is a bit hand in hand with fewer angry drivers, because with self-driving vehicles regulating their speed and distance from other cars, a potential crash can easily be detected and prevented. Perhaps even in situations in which the “driver” makes careless decisions like texting or bad conditions like stormy weather won’t prove to be as fatal as it is now.

Better Punctuality

The journey to your desired destination will be a bit different than what you’re used to. Rather than rushing to work and praying that you make it by the skin of your teeth, drivers will instead put his or her address into the app, the system will then determine the route and time it takes to get to your stop, and may even instruct drivers when they should leave. Once again, this weeds out frustrated or angry “drivers” on the road.

Convenient For The Elderly or Teens

Gone are the days where you had to worry about your elderly parents or anyone in your household who may have difficulty driving themselves to and from their destination. With autonomous vehicles, those who are or have become impaired in some way will get more independence. This will also be helpful for teens who still haven’t passed their driving test, they can still get to work or school without parents worrying about them pressing too hard on the gas pedal.

You Still Have Control Over Your Vehicle

Don’t think that you’re completely off the hook when it comes to these futuristic vehicles. For the time being, self-driving cars will rely on factors like lines on the road, traffic signals sending information to transponders, data being sent from other cars, and more. However, human instant is still important in case these systems should fail, and when they do, drivers will be expected to take over. This should ease concerns to those who are worried about their vehicle losing control.

Driver’s Auto Mart

Although we’ll have to wait a while for these self-driving cars, there are plenty of brands like Audi, Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, and Dodge that have advanced driver assistance systems that almost provide a hint of what’s to come in the future. 

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