How to Improve Fuel Economy During Holiday Road Trips

November 17th, 2017 by

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There will be a lot of people hitting the roads this Thanksgiving and with the recent increase in gas prices, a lot of people are wondering how they can maximize their vehicle’s fuel economy on their long road trip. Whether driving a sedan, truck or SUV, there are a few ways drivers can improve fuel economy, read below for some tips.

Cruise Control

Use cruise control! Cruise control is a great driving tool, and drivers should use it when traveling on the highway. Cruising at a consistent speed is more fuel efficient than consistently fluctuating speeds. Also, when a driver uses cruise control there is less of a chance that a driver will accidentally go too fast and get a speeding ticket.

Magic Number

According to, “gas mileage usually decreases rapidly at speeds above 50 mph.” Now, that doesn’t mean drivers should limit themselves to traveling 50 mph or less on the highways, but keep in mind that driving above 50 miles leads to a decrease in fuel economy.

Traffic Checks

To avoid serious traffic delays, drivers should always use a GPS mapping app to see if there is any traffic at any point during their drive. If so, drivers can use alternative routes to avoid traffic and not only can will that save time, but  fuel as well.

Pack Wisely

Hauling things outside of your vehicle? Consider attaching those things on the rear of the vehicle rather than on the roof. In comparison to transporting cargo on the rear of the vehicle, transporting cargo on the roof has more drag and that decreases the efficiency and aerodynamics of the vehicle, thereby decreasing fuel economy.

Try these tips out when on the road this holiday season and drive safe! Happy Thanksgiving!

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