8 Reasons Autonomous Driving Signals A Brighter Future

March 24th, 2022 by


Slowly but surely, top automakers are making the transition into a fully electric lineup, with upcoming EVs such as the Mercedes-Benz EQE, Lucid Air, Kia EV6, BMW IX, Chevrolet Silverado EV, and much more. 

However, another venture that’s in the works is autonomous driving. This is a concept that has already been somewhat implemented, through various driver-assist technologies. Even with this, there is much hesitation on the idea, but here are all of the reasons why it’s worth being open.

Reduced Traffic

You may not realize now, but human interference is a big factor when it comes to heavy traffic volumes. With a large influx of self-driving cars managing speed and following distance, together with information regarding traffic volume provided to municipal systems, traffic will have an easier flow and won’t be as congested.

Less Fuel Usage

This works in tandem with the concept of less traffic. Since there will be less of a likelihood of stopping and starting, you’ll use less fuel. This rings true on both highways and main roads, especially when considering all of the traffic lights you usually hit when driving across town.

Fewer Crazies On The Road

Another win for the future of autonomous vehicles is fewer episodes of road rage. Since the car is in charge of driving and regulating distance, there will be fewer people hanging on your tailpipe. Rather, they can simply tweet out their frustration.

Fewer Crashes

Going back to cars maintaining their speed and distance from each other will result in fewer crashes and accidents. You won’t have to worry about whether a car is in your blind spot while trying to skip to the next lane because your car will detect oncoming traffic before you do.

Less Likelihood For Tardiness

You know that friend of yours that always says they’re 5 minutes away, but they’re really 20? Well in the future, you can actually determine if they’re telling the truth. Self-driving cars will require the user to put in the address in his or her app, and will calculate the route and travel time, eventually telling them when to leave.

Not only will it allow the user to monitor their trip, but will let your friends know when you arrive.

Less Anxiety

Driving itself can be stressful, particularly when having to constantly brake and deal with impatient drivers in rush hour traffic. Autonomous driving may not eliminate restlessness but it will at least take the reckless ones off the road.

Empower The Elderly and Teens

Those who no longer drive or who are hard of hearing will be empowered through autonomous driving, as they won’t have to be limited by their lack of mobility. Even teen drivers that aren’t as experienced with driving manually will benefit from this concept, as it will act as a safety net for them, give peace of mind to their parents.

Never Lose Control

Lastly, autonomous driving will still give owners the opportunity to take control, as the self-driving feature will be dependent on certain infrastructures such as the lines on the road, transponders delivering information from traffic signals, information being transmitted from other vehicles, and more. However, like with any system, it can fail, and if that happens, it will require the driver to take over.

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