Stop Texting & Driving – Smarter Apps to Help Keep Your Eyes on the Road

March 9th, 2015 by

Texting while behind the wheel has slowly become one of the biggest epidemics for the automotive community. On par with drinking and riving, this irresponsible habit has led to countless accidents, injuries, and even fatalities.

With many states pushing the up the punishments for texting and driving, including the state of Florida, along with our constant societal need to stay connected to our phones, drivers can now use some new safe apps to keep in touch without breaking the law.

As our phones have gotten smarter and smarter, so has the technology and applications that can be downloaded onto them. That’s why there’s no excuse for drivers to be careless behind the wheel anymore. With a couple of available and downloadable applications, you can keep texting without taking your hands off of the wheel and your eyes off of the road.

One exciting and intriguing application that you can install onto you iPhone or Android is the Text’n Drive application. This intuitive system reads your texts messages aloud while driving, and then communicates your verbal response to the recipient via text. It’s just like having a conversation in person, without risking the reckless driving.

Download Innovative Applications to Your Smart Phone to Avoid Texting & Driving

Another resourceful application is called Drive Similar to Text’n Drive, this application reads your text messages and emails aloud while on the go and relays your verbal responses back to the recipients.

These two systems allow for you to drive safely and undistracted without disconnecting you from the outside world. Another helpful tip for iPhone users is a simple settings change for Siri on their phones. Did you know that you could set Siri to read your text messages and emails aloud? She’ll notify you and ask you whether you want them read. With that alone, you won’t even need to download anything to your phone!

And with Siri’s intuitive and interactive nature, you can reply to the messages verbally as well.

At Driver’s Auto Mart, we don’t want you to lose your license from trying to text and drive. It’s simply not worth the risks! So learn all about these cool and innovative features for your phones and care from our dealership today. Give us a call at (954) 400-4222!