BMW X3 and 3 Series


BMW has been around for some time now, almost 90 years in fact. The company signed their first agreement to produce its first model, the BMW Dixi, back in 1927. Still, to this day, BMW is going strong. Just a couple of years ago (June 2012), BMW was listed as the number one most reputable company in the world by

As a used car dealership, we look for the best models, so we typically have a few BMW models on hand. Currently, Driver’s Auto Mart has six used BMW models, including a few different sedans and SUVs like the BMW X3 and the BMW 3 Series. Here are some details about the most current BMW models, which haven’t changed much from previous model years.

Modern and Elegant SUV: 2017 BMW X3

The BMW X3 may look like an SUV, but BMW doesn’t call it a “sport utility vehicle.” No, they call it a “Sports activity vehicle,” and here’s one good reason why – the X3 is built with motion and change in mind.
SUVs are made to be rugged, durable vehicles, and the BMW X3 is exactly that. However, it also comes across a little more elegant, with just the right amount of luxury while also being sporty and practical. Not only does the base model, the BMW X3 sDrive28i, come with many of the options one would want in a high-end car, but it also has a powerful diesel engine option, not a very common trait for an SUV.

Engine and Handling

The BMW X3 sDrive28i (like this one right here) is powered by a 2.0-liter BMW TwinPower Turbo inline 4-cylinder, 16-valve engine, giving the vehicle a total of 240-horsepower. The “TwinPower Turbo” is a combination of twin-scroll turbocharging and variable valve control, plus direct fuel injection. What does all of this mean? It means this BMW vehicle has a power and fuel efficiency upgrade, and it’s thanks to BMW’s turbo technology.

The engine also has the auto start-stop function that turns the engine off when idling. In the same vein, the transmission is an 8-speed STEPTRONIC automatic transmission with sport and manual shift models, and brake energy regeneration. Brake energy regeneration is something you see more so in hybrids, so what’s it doing in an SUV? Well, brake energy regeneration puts less stress on the engine, which in turn ultimately improves fuel economy.
Together, the engine and transmission and all of the extra engineering give the vehicle a combined fuel economy of 24 mpg, 21 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway, which is great for driving between Miami and Fort Lauderdale.


The X3 sDrive28i has a modern European and sleek exterior style. It’s equipped with halogen high and low beam headlights, LED fog lights, aluminum roof rails, heated side mirrors, and it all runs on all-season tires. Features like privacy glass is one of several traits that give it that tint of luxury.

It also has Comfort Access for opening the trunk – just wave your foot under the bumper and presto! While talking about the trunk, the trunk itself can expand from 27.6 cubic feet to 63.3 cubic feet when the rear seat is folded down.


So, what does an SUV with class have in terms of seating? 8-way power-adjustable front seats with 2-way manual headrests, and driver’s-seat and mirror memory – Check. 40/20/40 split-folding rear seats? Always nice to have various seating choices for cargo storage. The seating trim is a Burl Walnut Wood trim with Pearl Gloss Chrome accent, and the driver has access to a high-gloss black instrument panel.


Time for a little more luxury. A Hi Fi Sound System with 9-speakers and 205-watt digital amplifier should do it. Throw in an anti-theft AM/FM stereo CD/MP3 player for good measure and a SiriusXM® Satellite Radio Tuner.

But what about safety? Things like front side impact airbags, advanced dual stage airbags for the front driver and passenger, LATCH-ready child seat anchors, adaptive brake lights, anti-theft alarm system, and BMW’s Assist eCall with Emergency Request (SOS button) and Enhanced Automatic Collision Notification? Yes, all that and more is included.

Sleek and Sporty Sedan: 2016 BMW 3 Series

When we think of a family-type car, we’re usually not thinking luxury, but that’s where the BMW fools shoppers. For over 40 years, BMW has been rolling out compact sports sedans that are great for families while offering an elegant ride – just enough to put it in its own class.
BMW makes a variety of sedan models, and the BMW 3 Series is one of the most popular. The BMW 3 Series comes in three body styles: the sedan,the station wagon and the Grand Turismo. No matter the body, the 3 Series offers power and efficiency. It’s a vehicle that says, “Yeah, I’m successful, what of it?”

Engine and Handling

The base BMW 3 Series model is the 320i Sedan, like this one here. Under the hood of the BMW 3 320i is a 2.0-liter BMW TwinPower Turbo inline 4-cylinder, 16-valve, generating 180-horsepower. It has the same technology as the X3 and comes with several driving settings: ECO PRO, COMFORT, and SPORT. Its extra-lightweight chassis components make its high-precision steering system top notch. The less a car weighs, the easier it is to control. Make it a high-performance car, and it’s even better.


This sedan is also riding on all-season tires and projects high and low-beam headlights. The BMW 320i has halogen free-form front fog lights that not only give it a modern look, but also perform better over traditional fog lights. As mentioned, the body of the car is made up of lightweight components, which is why this sedan is called the “Corner King.” With a near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution, the body of this car looks and feels smooth with every turn. On the inside and the outside, there’s only one word: Wow.


The seats are trimmed in satin silver matte, and the front seats are 6-way manually adjustable, including 2-way manual headrests. Not many base trim sedans put that kind of functionality into both, the driver and passenger front seat, so your friend can be as comfortable as you when riding shotgun. The automatic climate control is also a nice touch so everyone in the sedan can breathe easy in warm and cold weather.


For entertainment, a killer audio system is included standard. We’re talking a Hi Fi 7-channel, 9-speaker system with four midrange speakers in the door panels, two base speakers under the front seats, and one midrange center channel speaker on the dashboard. We won’t say it’s officially a surround sound system, but could you blame us if we did? Throw in an anti-theft AM/FM stereo CD/MP3 player and SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and this is one sound system that puts the BMW 3 sedan at the top of the chart.

Safety is also an important matter to the BMW, and the sedan has many of the same features found in the X3: dual-stage airbags, side-impact airbags, anti-lock braking, LATCH ready seating, LED daytime running lights, an anti-theft alarm system, BMW Assist eCall, and more.

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