Test Driving Tips

At Driver’s Auto Mart, our Miami area used car dealer, we know a few quick tips that all potential used car shoppers should keep in mind while on the road to find their new vehicle. Most buyers know that a useful test drive is absolutely crucial in finding the best value in a used car; however, few know how to perform an examination that will help reveal which car fits their lifestyle. If you use some of the following techniques, you will definitely have a better chance of finding the car you’ve been looking for!

The Tricks and Treats of Used Car Shopping

Be open minded.

Always remember to be unprejudiced. The products made by your favorite automobile company, or your current car’s company may either sway or deter your decision. Don’t let a name alter your judgment. Keep your analysis as objective as possible.

Set a benchmark.

A used car buyer must set their own benchmarks. Start by test-driving every single vehicle that you can get your hands on as our lot is overstocked with outstanding used cars.

Pre-test inspection.

If you have a child, or you often keep beach chairs in your trunk, bring the items that will regularly be in your vehicle. A true test to see if a car will fit your lifestyle is to bring your lifestyle to the car. If the car seat fits perfectly in the back seat and the trunk can hold your gear plus more, then you’re well on your way to finding the perfect match.

Take your time.

There’s no need to rush. If you’re serious about this car, our salesmen will give you more than ample time with the vehicle of your choosing. Take a long test drive. Tem miles or more is a great way to get a true feel for the vehicle.

Turn on your tunes.

Play with the radio or whatever infotainment system sits inside the car you’re test driving. Make sure you can operate the system and reach all of the switches and knobs well while still keeping your eyes peeled and on the road. This is something you’ll be doing every time you get behind the wheel. Make sure you can reach!

Head down a dead end.

Here you can take your time checking for visibility issues to see if this car really is perfect for you. Do a K turn, go in reverse, or drive in a circle. Use weird movements to assess if this car fits you.

Visit us at our Miami area used car dealer to utilize these test driving tips to help you find the used car that is perfect for you. For more information, contact us at (954) 434-5995.

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