The Perks of Buying a Used Car

It’s sleek and sparkling. It drives like a dream. It’s… used? Savvy shoppers at our used car dealer serving Miami may already know why to buy used, but there are benefits that don’t present themselves immediately.



There’s no denying that a new car is alluring, but the price tag of a used car is even more so. If you’re debating between a certain new car and a used one, the price difference may be enough for you to get a nicer used model. Insurance rates are a pain for many drivers, but you’re in luck: it’s quite common for used vehicles to have lower insurance rates than their updated counterparts.


There’s something fun about the individuality of a used car. You may find yourself looking at color combinations you hadn’t considered before or unique option packages all because of the different choices offered when you buy a pre-owned vehicle. Just think: so many of the fun classic cars enjoyed at car shows all over the country started as someone else’s used car. They really are someone else’s legacy that you adopt as your own! You have years and years of cars at your fingertips. Go wild!


Depreciation is a fact of owning a new car. As soon as you drive it off the lot, depreciation begins. That’s why a used car is a great investment: you are purchasing it after the first few years of ownership, which is the time frame of a vehicle’s major depreciation (usually between 20 and 25 percent!). So even though cautious driving is imperative in all situations, perhaps that little ding in your bumper or scratch on your car isn’t quite the catastrophe it would be if you were driving around a brand new car.

Are you thinking that a used car is best for you? Come check out our outstanding selection of vehicles for Miami area shoppers and join the thousands of satisfied customers who love their like-new cars!

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