Vehicle History Report Explained

When shoppers are trying to determine whether a new or pre-owned vehicle is right for them, there’s a long list of pros and cons with each. One hangup that many drivers have about purchasing a used vehicle is the possibility that the particular car, truck, van, or SUV they’re looking at has been battered by past owners and the information simply hasn’t been disclosed by the dealership. At Driver’s Auto Mart, Miami used car shoppers can rest assured knowing they have the option to request CARFAX Vehicle History reports on our entire inventory.

History is Everything

A vehicle history report is a must-have for any shopper. Not only can it disclose service records and information that may point to past collisions (such as airbag deployments), but it’s helpful for things that you may not have considered. Was the car used as a fleet for a business, such as a taxi company or a car rental franchise? Has it ever been leased? Has it ever been reported as a lemon? Has it suffered any flood damage that’s not immediately apparent? A vehicle history report takes the mystery out of buying a used vehicle and puts your mind at ease.

A Premium Partnership

We understand that Driver’s Auto Mart shoppers are looking for top-quality used cars, and in the interest of upholding our commitment to being forthright and honest, we provide vehicle history reports through CARFAX. With over 9 billion records, CARFAX is an established and trustworthy company with a spectrum of information that can help you make the right decision. It’s simply a matter of searching the individual vehicle’s VIN or license plate number and you’ll find a comprehensive set of facts about the car’s history. Here are just a few examples of the valuable information you’ll learn:

  • State emissions inspections results
  • Service records
  • Odometer readings
  • Number of owners

You’ll notice that when you search our inventory, there’s an option to select vehicles that have had only one owner. That’s a major perk of working with CARFAX: it helps us to better serve your needs when it comes down to searching for a vehicle.

We’ve all heard the familiar phrase, usually shouted by our parents: “don’t pick that up. You don’t know where it’s been!” When you come to our Miami area lot to look at our wide range of used cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, you don’t have to worry about that. We’ll provide a CARFAX to help you make sure you’re getting the vehicle that’s right for you.

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