Father’s Day is Around the Corner, Show His Car a Little Love

June 12th, 2016 by

Some of the best gifts in life are free. Show Dad you care this Father’s Day by doing some simple car chores for him.

Surprise him by washing his car. Spend an hour or so, and clean it completely, inside and out. For added points, vacuum the floor mats and wax the exterior. No doubt, this surprise will start his Father’s Day off with a smile.

For those of you who are older and can drive, there is even more you can do for Dad! You can fill his gas tank, get him an oil change, and fill up his tires if needed. These options cost some money, but will take a lot of pressure off of him, which is a great gift!

If Dad is in the market for a new car, then you can give him the gift of your company and take him down to Driver’s Automart in Davie to look around. He will appreciate you taking time to be with him, even if the two of you just cruise the lot and dream of that new ride.

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