Car Shopping Differences Between Women and Men

July 21st, 2016 by

Looks? Luxury? Affordability? Color? What motivates you when you are shopping around for a car? What are the features you look for? Do men and women want the same things out of their vehicles or are they different?

According to the Fiscal Times when it comes to car shopping (and probably any type of shopping) men and women tend to do things differently. These differences have been studied for a long time and over the years, professionals have been able to determine some trends when it comes to gender and car purchasing habits.

In general, studies report that men make car choices based more on emotion and women make car buying decisions based more on logic. Men tend to go for what looks best and what they want. Whereas women needs to research and decide what is the best option to safely get them from point A to point B.

In a study by Kelley Blue Book it was found that women on average take 75 days to purchase a car, while men on average take 63 days. In addition, men tend to negotiate price more than women, and women prefer non-luxury Asian cars while men prefer luxury domestic and European cars.
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