Car Shopping Made Easier for Tall and Short Drivers

March 10th, 2017 by

Most cars are made for those of an average height, which is why people who are either very tall or short can have trouble finding a comfortable car to drive. Coincidently, Consumer Reports published a list of the 10 best and worst vehicles for both tall and short drivers. Lucky for you, Driver’s Auto Mart has many of the vehicles that made the list available. You’ll see that a couple vehicles made both lists.

Best Vehicles for Tall Drivers

If you are tall and have a problem finding a comfortable vehicle that has ample legroom, Driver’s Auto Mart has plenty of different and affordable options. Following are four vehicles that made the top 10 list from Consumer Reports. The best part is these vehicles range from sedans to vans and SUVs and are also a mix of brands. From luxury, to simple, we have something for you. Check these out:

BMW 7 Series

Honda Pilot

Land Rover

Honda Odyssey

Best Vehicles for Short Drivers

Being short can cause issues when car shopping as well. Some vehicles’ drivers’ seats (many actually) don’t get close enough to the pedals. Not only is that uncomfortable for a driver, but unsafe. Check out the four vehicles below, each made the list and again are affordable and come in different shapes and sizes.

BMW 7 Series

Lexus ES

Mercedes Benz S-Class

Honda Odyssey
We hope this was helpful! Car shopping doesn’t have to be a pain anymore for tall and short driver’s, now you know where to focus! Check out our entire inventory of vehicles at Driver’s Auto Mart here!

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