Driver’s Auto Mart Presents The 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 As The Used Car Of The Week: Luxury Car Edition

March 28th, 2022 by

  The 2022 EQS sedan is the electrified flagship of the luxury brand, Mercedes-Benz. It’s been honored by Car and Driver on this year’s Editors’ Choice list, and has received stellar reviews from both experts and consumers. At Driver’s Auto Mart, we’re proud to have built up a reputation for keeping cars that are like-new…

8 Reasons Autonomous Driving Signals A Brighter Future

March 24th, 2022 by

  Slowly but surely, top automakers are making the transition into a fully electric lineup, with upcoming EVs such as the Mercedes-Benz EQE, Lucid Air, Kia EV6, BMW IX, Chevrolet Silverado EV, and much more.  However, another venture that’s in the works is autonomous driving. This is a concept that has already been somewhat implemented,…

The 2021 Ford Bronco Big Bend 4WD Is Driver’s Auto Mart’s Used Car of The Week!

March 21st, 2022 by

  In 2021, the Ford Bronco came back strong owing to its cultivated and vintage design, along with its creative features, and proficient off-road capabilities, even landing a spot on Kelley Blue Book’s 2021 Editors’ Choice list.  Extra excitements include two- and four-door body styles, and even best-in-class ground clearance, suspension travel, and crawl ratio….

4 Ways To Keep Potholes From Messing With Your Tires

March 7th, 2022 by

  Depending on where you live, potholes in the road may be a nasty part of life, particularly in places where icy or snowy roads are common. Simply put, the more snow and ice on the road, the more potholes there are. “Potholes occur when snow and ice melt as part of Michigan’s seasonal freeze-thaw…

5 Reasons To Love The 2022 Audi Q7

March 2nd, 2022 by

  The 2022 Audi Q7 is here to compete in the mid-size crossover market, and it’s certainly holding its own with a slew of safety technologies, added appearance packages, and some extra in-car goodies. Here are 5 Reasons To Love The 2022 Audi Q7! Fast-Paced and Smooth Automatic Transmission Audi made significant improvements in the…

The 2022 Honda Civic Is Driver’s Auto Mart’s Used Car of The Week!

February 28th, 2022 by

  Driver’s Auto Mart is no average used car dealership because we house cars that haven’t even reached a year in terms of their overall ownership. One of those vehicles is the like-new 2022 Honda Civic compact.  This car has already been featured on Car and Driver’s Editor’s Choice list, has sedan and hatchback body…

Six Things To Know Before Buying A Used Car

February 22nd, 2022 by

  Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle can prove to be quite a smart option for cars of high quality without paying the price for it. Regardless of whether or not you opt for a used car, you have to be wise in your approach. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started. Looking From…

The 2020 Toyota RAV4 Is Driver’s Auto Mart’s Used Car of The Week!

February 21st, 2022 by

  The 2020 Toyota RAV4 has many affirming attributes, such as its reliability, off-road ability, roomy interior, and hybrid offering. The compact crossover also has plenty of fun in-car features together with safety gadgets. There are just so many reasons why this SUV is one to consider for your next car purchase, and in this…

Top 5 Tips For Cleaning Out Your Car’s Grime In Springtime

February 15th, 2022 by

  Soon enough, these winter months will end just as soon as they started. Each new season invites new changes, and for car owners, this might mean a bit of spring cleanliness. While this annual ritual is indeed a chore, it’s always best to start with a fresh and organized perspective. Driver’s Auto Mart has…

The 2019 Toyota Camry XSE Is Driver’s Auto Mart’s Used Car of The Week!

February 14th, 2022 by

  When you think of Toyota, you might think of reliability. The brand has built a reputation for creating high-quality vehicles without charging a high price, and that’s exactly why you shouldn’t worry about purchasing a pre-owned 2019 Toyota Camry. Engine and Drive The 2019 Toyota Camry has a particularly attractive assortment of powertrains. The…

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