Before Changing Your Wheels, Read This!

June 14th, 2016 by

Wheel sales are up! Many people are choosing to change the size of the wheels on their vehicles. If you are one of the people considering this, we urge you to pay attention closely to the following information.

It is important to keep in mind the drawbacks of changing the wheels on any car. The car comes equipped the way it does for a reason. Meaning, the wheel and tire configuration which come with the car are specifically chosen for that vehicle to ensure the safest, and smoothest ride for the driver. Furthermore, the speedometer, odometer and other electronics have been calibrated to be in sync with the specific wheel and tire size on the vehicle’s set up. Changing the wheel or tire size can affect the way the car’s computer calculates speed and mileage.

Some manufacturers offer options for different size wheels when purchasing the vehicle. If you want to upgrade your wheels, this is really the best time to do so. In this case, the manufacturer has already taken different wheel size and tire configuration into consideration to ensure the vehicle is reporting the proper data for the driver. The manufacturer has also tested the vehicle for safety with the different wheel sizes. So, they already know what is safe and what may not be safe.

Of course, modifying your vehicle is a personal choice and upgrading your wheels and tires may be the main reason you purchased a particular vehicle. If you choose to make these changes, be sure to pick a reputable business to help you so that you don’t get stuck in a position where your car’s safety or performance is reduced due to the modification.

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