Chevy Awards and Models

Chevy Awards
In recent weeks, the American car manufacturer, Chevrolet has been widely discussed by automakers and consumers. Chevy has recently received excellent accolades for its cars and trucks and the company also introduced the redesigned Chevy Cruze.

Last week at the Motor Trend Car and Truck Awards for 2016, Chevrolet won top-awards for a variety of their cars. Beating out cars made by Mercedes and Audi, the 2016 Chevy Camaro won the 2016 title for “Car of the Year,” and the 2016 Chevy Colorado won “2016 Truck of the Year.”

Cars participating in the Motor Trend Awards are judged by six components, efficiency, safety, value, engineering excellence, performance and intended function, and advancement in design. Among the Camaro’s highlights, was its ability to perform better in speed tests than luxury sports cars made by BMW and Porsche.

Trucks are judged by the same six criteria and Chevy’s Colorado beat five other finalists, which included the Chevy Silverado, the Nissan Titan and Toyota Tacoma, for the title. The Colorado was only introduced to the market in 2015 and also won the same award in its first-year of production.

In addition to the Motor Trend Awards, the 2016 hybrid Chevrolet, the Volt, was voted “Best Green Car of the Year” at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The car’s engineering excellence making it aerodynamic and an efficient energy user, help make it capable of traveling 420 miles on a full charge and a full tank of gas. The Volt is the only car to have won this award twice. Other cars competing for the title were the Audi A3 e-tron, Toyota Prius and the Hyundai Sonata.

Chevrolet wins at Quicken Loans Race for Heroes 500.

Finally in recent awards is Chevrolet’s 13th consecutive win for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series manufacturers’ championship. Chevrolet gained this award after Dale Earnhardt Jr. beat out other race cars in the Chevrolet SS race car at the Quicken Loans Race for Heroes 500 in Phoenix on Sunday, Nov. 17. Chevrolet has won this award 15 times since the race’s introduction in 1958 and the Chevrolet SS has won this award three times.

Other team Chevy drivers that have earned points that contributed to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series manufacturer’s championship title include Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Harvick.

Chevy Racecar
Aside from awards, Chevrolet has also been in the news for its recent introduction of the all-new 2016 Chevy Cruze. Among some of the Cruze’s top-highlights are power yet excellent fuel-efficiency, top-safety features and the optional built-in 4G LTE wireless.

While the new 2016 Cruze won’t be available until early 2016, Driver’s Auto Mart currently has past Cruze models available — you can see them here. Aside from the Cruze, we have several other Chevrolet models in our used-car inventory and are able to offer excellent deals on all of our inventory.

Considering all of the positive recent news and Chevrolet’s recent flight of TV commercials, Chevrolet is becoming a huge presence in the auto world and an influential leader in auto engineering. Whether on the market for a truck, sports car, green car or regular sedan, choosing a vehicle backed by the Chevrolet is looking good.