Common Car Problems Caused By Summertime Drama

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Summertime is just around the corner…no actually it’s already here. So it’s time to embrace the great outdoors and the adventure that awaits this sunny season. While it may be a fun season for us, the same cannot be said for our cars, as the number of breakdowns is higher than any other time of the year. 

The heat from the sun does a number on our cars in more ways than one, but luckily, Driver’s Auto Mart has compiled a list of ways to solve these common issues during this time period. Here are Common Car Problems Caused By Summertime Drama.

Broken Drive Belt

The drive belt responsible for powering the inner workings of the car’s engine. These accessories encompass the power steering, air-conditioning system, and alternator.

The feverish weather could be the source of the belt breaking, which would then cause the accessories that depend on it to operate would ultimately fail. To evade this common issue, simply change your drive belt if it’s been quite some time since it was last changed, and now is certainly when to do so.

Tire Bursts

Another common car issue during the summer is tire bursts. It is for this reason why it’s important to make sure that your tires are properly inflated.

Around this period, there are major fluctuations in the temperature, with the days unbearably hot and the nights becoming cool. It’s important to know that when tires don’t have the right pressure, they are more prone to getting worn out and damaged.

This combination creates a recipe for disaster in terms of a tire blowout. To avoid this, inspect your tire pressure no less than once a week. Doing this will nearly guarantee that the pressure levels are aligned with the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Vaporized Fuel Leaks

You’ve heard of the three water phases in junior high, well the same concept applies to liquid in your fuel tank. Heat inevitably causes the liquid fuel to vaporize, which leads the trapped vapor to increase pressure in the tanks. Luckily, cars are made to let this abundance of pressure clear out through a system of hoses where it’s held until the engine makes use of it.

This system is especially helpful during the summer, as it prevents the breakdown of your engine and lengthens your car’s lifespan. However, if the hose in the system is cracked, this results in vaporized fuel leaks, and therefore, low gas mileage.

If that happens, the check engine light should activate, and that’s your cue to visit your local auto repair shop and get a quick fix in no time.

Weak Battery

Don’t just blame the cold winter air for weakening your car’s battery, summer takes a toll on it too. The reason for this is that the battery has to work much harder to ensure that the car’s engine and other components stay cool. Any malfunction in these accessories will lower efficiency.

Inspect the battery of any plastic pieces, to make sure they aren’t blocking the flow of air over your battery. Additionally, be certain that all parts of the battery are in excellent condition. Any cracks in the engine could signify that it’s time to replace your battery with a brand new one.

Broken Air Conditioning System

Nothing is worse than driving around in your car, not only without a functioning AC system, a broken system on a hot summer day. As a matter of fact, driving around in a car with a rising temperature could actually be bad for your health.

It’s imperative that you make sure that your vehicle’s fluid is at prime levels, and that the electrical moving parts that your AC system is up to par. It’s also important to know to you can reduce the strain on your AC by driving mornings and evenings, as the times of the day are usually cooler

Worn Shock Absorbers

The shock absorber’s main duty is to keep the car’s tires in persistent contact with the road, which allows for the appropriate grip, especially when cutting corners and braking. While they may be great, they will prove to be an absolute nightmare when they are worn out.

If your car feels a bit dull when making a turn, unusually bouncy, or feels uneven after hitting a pothole, more than likely prime suspects are the absorbers. If this is the case, you should definitely have them checked.

Worn Wiper Blades

Another part of your car that will likely become tired and work out during this time of year are the wiper blades. The spring and summer showers will require increased use of the wipers, and may possibly lead to wear and tear, thus making it difficult to remove water from the windshield without it causing streaks.

This could also lead to a build-up of residue under the blades, which in turn can cause scratches on your windshield. Before that happens, be sure to replace them around this time.

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