Common DIY Fixes for Trucks

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DIY truck fixes

Owning a truck is a lot of fun because they can tow things, go off-roading and they can handle different types of road conditions better than other vehicles. Trucks are also known to be great investments because they are built to last a long time, but if you do use your truck to its full potential, you should also be prepared to take care of it. Here are some common problems trucks develop and the ways you can fix them yourself.


One of the most common problem used trucks have is rusted parts. If the rust is just on the exterior of the truck, it isn’t going to cause any harm right away, but rust can spread and if it spreads to under the hood, it can be hazardous.  So, if your truck has developed some rust, it’s much better to take car of the problem before it gets worse. Don’t worry, it’s an easy fix! There are also several ways to go about it, learn more here.

Hoses and Belts

Most belts and hoses will last from 8 to 10 years with no trouble. However, eventually they get brittle and fail, which can put the driver/passengers in a dangerous situation. Therefore, with old trucks (and cars) it is important to keep up with the condition of these items. Learn more about how to replace them easily here.

Cloudy Headlights and Taillights

After a while, headlights and taillights can develop a cloudy or yellowish film, and this can dim the brightness of the lights. which cause vision to be less than bright at night. But, cleaning your vehicle’s headlights and taillights is easier than it sounds. Just six simple steps to follow and you are all set!

Thin Brake Pads

Brake pads get thin after awhile, especially on trucks that are used to tow heavy objects. It is important to keep up with replacement of these before it is worn too thin and causes a dangerous situation on the road. It is possible to replace your truck’s brake pads yourself, and you can learn how to do it here, but if it proves to be too much work or you don’t trust yourself to properly replace the brake pads just take it to your local repair shop as soon as possible. The biggest indicator to know if your vehicle’s brake pads need to be replaced is if they make a squeaky noise when the vehicle is braking.

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