Don’t Let the Florida Rain Damage Your Car

August 11th, 2016 by

Florida summer is great when it is hot and sunny and you’re on the beach or at the pool. However, as Florida residents we understand that the tropical conditions that give us warmth and sun also bring rain. Sometimes it will rain for just five minutes or sometimes it lasts for days. Then there are the times it rains on one side of your house, but not the other.

Whether you like the rainy and stormy days or not, there is something you may not know, and that is that water and rain is slowly damaging your car if it is not protected. Water is known to cause car corrosion which can cause rust, engine issues, transmission problems, and can even damage your brakes. However, you can protect your vehicle from rain or water damage by following all three of the following steps:

Keep the car covered when not in use

Whenever the car isn’t in use, you can keep it safe from rain by keeping it covered. We understand that not everyone has a garage, but purchasing a car cover can be a great second option. The cover will protect your car from both rain damage and heat and sun damage. These can be purchased for as little as $25.

Keep the car clean inside and outside

Keeping your car clean on the outside is important to avoid rust and corrosion. This means weekly washes, and RainX and a good car wax to help protect your car’s paint from the Florida rain. Also, keep the inside of the car dry and clean to prevent mold and bad smells.

Make sure the car’s lighting systems are always in check

This tip is extremely important. Stay on top of car maintenance and make sure your taillights, brake lights, headlights and so on are working properly to minimize risk of accidents when it’s raining. Another good idea is to check tire pressure and make sure they are always balanced properly, this will help to reduce the chance of sliding or skidding due to wet and slippery roads.

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Photo source: Shutterstock