Driving Behaviors To Teach Your Teens

December 3rd, 2020 by


A parent’s job is never really over, and now that your teen has his or her license, it’s time to have the talk…about what not to do while driving. They may think that adulting is all fun and games, but soon enough they’ll discover just how much of a responsibility that becoming a new wheelman is. So before your insurance rates go up, here are some helpful driving behaviors to teach your teens.

Take Your Feet Off The Dash

If your teen’s friend Chuck happens to be the designated driver for the night, this doesn’t mean that it’s okay for them to prop their feet up onto the dashboard. The force that an airbag deploys is not only fast, but it’s also hard, and to the point where they might not need plastic surgery to rearrange their facial features. Should their knees stay in an upright position during a crash, this could likely cause their knees to buckle in an unnatural position. The airbag could push their kneecap right into their face…and their once-perfect teeth.

This recommendation stays true, even to those who employ the cruise control feature in cars who have them. Regardless of the situation, one should always be alert and ready to break if necessary.

Never Drive While Angry

Driving under the influence doesn’t just have to involve alcohol and narcotics, but driving while a bit emotionally unstable can also impair your judgment. According to the website Science Alert, North American researchers have found that drivers who are emotionally agitated, angry, or high strung increase their risk of getting into an accident nearly tenfold. We all have road rage, especially during rush hour traffic. But here’s a tip, either turn on a piece of soothing music or take a walk instead.

Come To A Complete Stop

Skrrrt! Admit it, even your brakes sound like this when you make a simple stop at the red light. This practice is okay every now and then when that idiot, whatever their name is, cuts you off on the freeway, but for the love of God there really is no need to use your big toe during your trip for a midnight snack. You might think to yourself, what’s the harm? But over time, this habit of your will cause significant wear and tear on your car parts like the tires, brake pad, brake hoses, driveshaft, and more..not to mention it does increase your chances of an accident. Next time, full-out!

Wear Shoes With A Flat Surface

While you look hot in those stilettos, what you don’t want to be is drop-dead gorgeous. While driving with heels on is quite common, there are unknown dangers of not opting for a flat thin sole for that short period of time. When wearing heels, especially with platforms, there is a large amount of space between the bottom of the food and the medal, and this causes one to unintentionally hit the brakes or gas pedal. Additionally, the force on the pedals will significantly lack versus if you were just wearing flats, as well as overall hinder food movement.

This doesn’t mean don’t wear heels at all, but simply keep a pair of simple flats in the car. It’s recommended not to reach the opposite side of the spectrum and drive barefoot, as shoes can help insulate feet from injury.

…And Flip Flops Don’t Count

Thought we were done talking about shoes? Guess again, this time we’re going after those Floridian flip flops. These types of shoes also decrease the level of security when connecting with the brakes and gas pedal. Think about it, your shoe is dangling off your foot at the moment, and these shoes can easily slip off. Another reason is the possibility of them getting stuck under the accelerator and brake pedals.

Driving while wearing flip-flops is considered such a hazard that some states have actually made it illegal to even wear them during commutes. While you may not get the cuffs on, in states like New York and California, you could get a fine anywhere from $300 to $1,000 depending on the severity of the accident, as it can be considered reckless driving. Above all, save those flippers for the beach.

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