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September 21st, 2017 by

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When you are looking for a used car, what are some of the items most important to you? There are several things that should be on everyone’s list when shopping for a used car, no matter what kind of vehicle you are looking for! Of course you want the vehicle to be in good shape, but there are also some other items you will want to check off of the desired features checklist.  

Used car buying checklist:

CarFax is a great tool for used car shoppers and we have found that most shoppers find it very important before making a decision on their next car purchase. The good news for our shoppers at Driver’s Auto Mart is all of our vehicles have a clean CarFax report.

Low mileage isn’t necessary and if you are looking for a really cheap car, because typically the more miles a car has, the more affordable it is. However, buying a car that has relatively low miles on it is worth the extra money if you plan on driving the vehicle more than a couple years.

Modern tech is a highly desired feature these days and it is not hard to find a used car with updated technology. For the most part, any car produced within the last five years will have what most of the tech features you want. If the vehicle you want or can afford doesn’t have the tech features you expected, you can almost always add-on aftermarket gadgets!



Interior/exterior being in good condition is highly desired and for good reason. Check out the car in person before purchasing and make sure it has no rust, paint damage, ripped interior upholstery or anything else you deem not worth fixing!


Fuel efficiency (if desired). Good fuel efficiency isn’t important to everyone, but it is on many people’s list! If this is so, do you research and find what used cars have awesome fuel economy and go from there.

Now that you know what to look for, are you ready for your used car? Check out our large selection of inventory at Driver’s Auto Mart here.

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