Five Reasons to buy a Used Luxury Car

August 7th, 2018 by

Let’s face it, luxury cars are incredibly alluring, but their price tags tend to send prospective buyers running. A great way for consumers to compromise between their desires and their wallet is by buying a used luxury car. There are many reasons to buy a used luxury car – the features offered, the notorious luxury build and quality – all available to consumers at a discounted price. What’s not to love?

Safety First

Many of the advanced safety features that consumers have come to expect were likely introduced as standard features in a luxury car first. Backup cameras, rear cross traffic alert, push-to-start button, airbags, blind-spot monitors, keyless entry, even seat belts – these are all features introduced on luxury cars before slowly becoming standard for all vehicles. It is likely that a four-year-old luxury car will offer consumers more safety features than a brand new economy car – all for the same price!

Get Ahead

Just like safety features making an appearance on luxury cars first, comfort and convenience features are no different – it’s likely that before they became standard they debuted in luxury cars as well! Bluetooth, navigation, self-dimming headlights, automatic climate control, power mirrors, even power windows, are all features that made their debut on luxury cars. Buying a used luxury car is the best way to take advantage of tomorrow’s standard convenience features, today. What’s better than being ahead of the curve?

Drive a Hard Bargain

Depending on the make and model, some luxury cars will see a dramatic depreciation in price within the first few years. A large part of its depreciation will occur the first time it leaves the dealership, while significantly holding on to its worth from there on out. For consumers that desire a luxury car and don’t have the need of owning the latest model, this is a savvy and convenient way to receive a “discount” and make the luxury car an affordable reality. Of course, consumers must keep in mind that depreciation varies from model-to-model.

For an even bigger discount, consumers should think domestic. Luxury cars don’t necessarily have to be imported. Companies like Chrysler, Cadillac, and Lincoln – to name a few – have been delivering American luxury for almost a century now. Not only are these cars more affordable because they’re manufactured here, but in many cases, their replacement parts are considerably less expensive than their imported counterparts.

Buy Better = Be Better

There’s a reason as to why these cars are referred to as “luxury cars” and this is where their craftsmanship comes into play. A used luxury vehicle will have better seats, covered in softer leather and fine stitching applied so seamlessly that consumers can’t feel it. Luxury cars have thicker windows, better interior soundproofing, and softer interiors.  Components like the doors, the hood, and the parts under it are all much sturdier – making sure that luxury cars live up to their indulgent promise at a fraction of the price.

Not that you needed any further reason to want a luxury car, but we here at Driver’s Auto Mart we wanted to provide you with five more! If you’re in the market for a used luxury car, we guarantee that you’ll find one that thrills you at Driver’s Auto Mart.  We’ve got over 200 used vehicles in our used car inventory, with many of them priced below $10,000. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you – schedule a test drive today!

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