Live in Fort Lauderdale? Used Car Maintenance is Important in Hot Climates

August 15th, 2016 by

Don’t let your car suffer from the heat in Fort Lauderdale. Used cars are excellent investments if you stay on top of regular maintenance and necessary repairs. As a Fort Lauderdale used car dealership, we at Driver’s Auto Mart want to share some tips with our fellow south Florida residents on how to maintain your used car for years to come.

Oil changes, oil changes, oil changes

We cannot stress this enough! Keeping up with oil changes is the best way to keep your car running as long as possible. Most cars need and oil change every 3,000-5,000 miles. The best way to know how often to get an oil change for your car is to check the manual or ask the service agent when you need to come back.

Basic Regular Maintenance

There are a few really simple things you can do that will help your car last as long as possible. Regularly check the air pressure in your tires to make sure you are driving with filled up tires. Not only does this help tires last longer, but it also helps your vehicle’s fuel economy. Occasionally check under your hood to make sure there is enough oil, and all of the other fluids are full. Remove any leaves that maybe around your engine, and take a look at your car battery to see if there is any corrosion, if there is, have it cleaned off at your next oil change.


Keep your car as clean as possible! This will preserve the value of the vehicle and keep the inside and outside in the best condition possible. We understand, some people are just not clean people. That is okay. If you consider yourself a messy individual, just make sure to at least get a car wash and take out the trash every few weeks.

Important annual or semi-annual maintenance

Other maintenance items to keep in mind include tires, brakes and intake systems. Of course none of these maintenance items may not be cheap. However, they usually only have to be fixed or replaced every 25,000 miles or more, and are still less expensive to replace than buying a new or another used vehicle.

Regardless of the model year of you car, it is important to keep you vehicle in good shape if you want it to last a long time, especially if you live in hot climates like Fort Lauderdale. Used cars are our business so we know the tips to make them last. If you are ready to look for a new” used car, come see us at Driver’s Auto Mart. We are conveniently located in Davie, just north of Miami and west of Fort Lauderdale. Check out our inventory at Driver’s Auto Mart here.

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