How Far Can Fort Lauderdale Used Car Drivers Go on Empty?

February 28th, 2014 by

As Fort Lauderdale used car drivers, we like to take a gamble on a lot of things; we gamble on traffic, road conditions, and maybe the biggest one of all, driving on empty. While some of us have found the answer the hard way, others have always made it before running out completely, so let’s do ourselves a favor and find out the easy way.

Certain conditions will determine how much time you have once that scary little gas light turns on, such as road conditions and how many passengers you have in your car. While you should never wait until the gas light turns on, sometimes you don’t have a choice; but you can rest easy knowing that you probably have many miles left.

Are You Feeling Lucky?

Of course, the answer to this question varies by make and model, but it’s pretty safe to say that the average distance someone can drive their car on empty is about 25-40 miles. This means that you can drive from our Fort Lauderdale used car dealership to beautiful Miami Beach the whole time on empty!

According to actual accounts of people who have pushed their cars to the limit, the car that Fort Lauderdale drivers can drive the longest once the fuel tank hits “empty” is the Honda Accord, with 46.67 miles on average. If this sounds like a vehicle that would be perfect for your driving habits, come test drive one at our Driver’s Auto Mart.

Other makes and models that are known for being able to test the boundaries of empty fuel tanks include the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Ford Focus, Ford F-150, Mazda Miata, Volkswagen Jetta, Chevrolet Silverado, and the BMW 3-series. All of these fuel-efficient models can be found at our trusted dealership

If you would like more information on how far you can drive until empty, feel free to browse our Driver’s Auto Mart website or give us a call at 954-400-4222.