How To Drive Without Losing Your Mind

September 15th, 2021 by


Here’s something about driving that you might not know, just because you have a license doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a great driver. More often than not, we’ll put on a show for our driving instructor and those at the DMV to get permission to go joyriding without the folks tagging along. However, as time goes on, we pick up aggressive driving habits, and it’s these habits that often lead to accidents. It’s for this reason why Driver’s Auto Mart has compiled a short list of tips for Driver Without Losing Your Mind.

Don’t Speed Up and Don’t Slow Down

This concept applies to those to drive above the speed limit or below it. Believe it or not, driving too fast or too slow is equally dangerous. Those who are more careful with the pedal should allow the person behind them to pass them, specifically if you are driving 10 miles under the speed limit. Just because you aren’t in a hurry doesn’t mean they aren’t, slower drivers ultimately impact the flow of traffic, and some can even get a ticket.

Meanwhile, for daredevils on the road who are a bit too comfortable hanging on someone’s back end, this next topic is for you.

Even If You’re Late, Do Not Tailgate

Tailgating is one of the worst driving offenses out there, if not the worst. Here’s the thing, tailgating probably won’t make the person move any faster, especially if traffic is already congested; Personally speaking, I just might drive a little slower just to teach my tailgating fellow a lesson. That’s the other thing, if someone notices you holding on a little too tight to their rear end, they might decide to pump the brakes rather than speeding up, which may ultimately cause you and the other driver to get into an accident.

Just Blink!

“Don’t put your blinker on, it’s no one’s business to know where you’re going.” Sometimes parents aren’t always right, and this statement goes on the list of horrible advice from the ol’ cronies. Using your blinker isn’t just for show, it’s to let other drivers know that you intend to switch lanes, or that you want to turn, which then allows you to pass by safely. It’s also worth noting that using your blinker as you’re already making a turn doesn’t count, and is not only dangerous but highly inconsiderate.


This tip may seem quite obvious, but more often than not, it’s not always easy to apply. Ladies, we know it’s hard but get up earlier or wait until you arrive in the parking lot to apply your makeup, besides, it’ll be much easier to blend your foundation that way. Then, to both the teens and parents alike, STOP TEXTING WHILE DRIVING! Distracted driving disables your ability to apply your reflexes and may cause you to swerve into other lanes. Luckily, many cars of today have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in their infotainment system, to discourage cell phone usage. These infotainment technologies often involve speech-to-text capabilities and even systems to control navigation.

Fierce Driving

The same rule applies to race car drivers when they aren’t on the track, don’t attempt to go faster than the limit permits, because if an accident does occur, the impact will be much worse the faster you go. Also, stay alert for those on motorcycles, as they don’t have the advantage of safety…also it’s kind of rude to cut people off or even “push” them out of the way, as it’s incredibly dangerous.

Driver’s Auto Mart

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