Upgrading or Improving the Sound System in Your Vehicle

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Sound systems that come standard in basic trim vehicles are usually “average” in terms of sound quality. Not only do manufacturers have more expensive priorities like safety, style, and handling of a car, but not all people care about the quality of the sound system in their car, hearing the chatter of the radio is just enough for some people.

If you are one of the buyers that does care about having a nicer car system, the best and easiest way to have a great sound system is when purchasing a car. This means the buyer will pay extra to have the manufacturer or dealership add in an upgraded system, or a buyer will spend more money for the upgraded trim model that is equipped with an upgraded sound system among other upgrades.

But if you already purchased your car, and you don’t love your car’s sound system, it is possible to improve the audio quality in your car. Check out the different ways and products.

Things to keep in mind

Before diving into you options, there are some important things to keep in mind. Keep these questions in the back of your mind while reading through the options, what are you looking for volume, bass, clarity, all three? And, what is your budget?


Two options to improve your vehicle’s sound system are to buy and install a subwoofer, a new speaker system, or both.

A subwoofer is a speaker component that produces loud sound, and low bass frequencies and they can dramatically improve the quality and clarity of sound and bass in your vehicle, and can make a system much louder.

Subwoofers can range from $150 to well over $500, and price depends on the quality and brand of the subwoofer. Also, some people buy two subwoofers to further increase sound levels. Two subwoofers can be very pricy, but to some music and sound lovers, worth it.

Aftermarket Speakers

Aftermarket speakers are another way to improve the sound quality and increase the maximum volume of a car’s sound system. Some of the most popular and trusted brand names aftermarket speakers are Bose, Alpine and Harmon Kardon. The price for aftermarket speakers varies drastically. Price differences come from the amount of speakers it includes, and the exact specs that it is has, like watts and bass. The cost for after market speakers can range anywhere from $150 to a couple thousand dollars.

Music Quality

A simple mistake many people make is they assume their car’s lackluster audio quality is due to the car’s sound system, rather than poor quality of music files.

If you play music from your phone there are two ways to ensure the best quality sound. First, make sure the volume on your phone is all the way up and then only adjust the volume from the car, not the phone.

Two, if you download music online, make sure you are downloading the best quality MP3 file. Youtube files converted to MP3s aren’t always the best quality, and that will be noticeable when playing at high volumes. This option is free, so you might want to try it first!


Purchasing an amplifier is an inexpensive and simple way to increase sound quality in your car. An amplifier will increase the power of the sound by strengthening the signal to speakers. On average an amplifier costs around only $40. A good quality amplifier can send a clearer and more precise sound to your speakers.

Deadening Products

A bad or good car system will be less-great if the car lets in a lot of noise from the engine, tires on the road or rattling parts. So to improve sound quality in a loud vehicle, some people add in deadening products which help minimize or cancel the penetrating sound.

A deadening-sound mat  is a material which you can place throughout your car, even in the car doors, and it will act to cancel outside noise. These can be purchased for under $100. The average price is around $50-60.

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