What To Know Before Purchasing a Convertible

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Convertibles are no doubt fun! However, before purchasing one there are some things to keep in mind.

Pros and Cons of a Convertible

Pros: Aesthetically pleasing. great views of the outdoors, fun for road trips and nice sunny days

Cons: Some safety concerns when the top is down, not a spacious interior, not much storage space, easier to break into

Regardless of the cons, some people are big fans of convertibles because they really love the convertible experience — not to mention, South Florida is the ideal place to have one. So if you are on the market for a convertible, check out these five things to know before purchasing one.

1. Size

The big concern with convertibles are lack of space. However, for some this is not a concern. Luckily most convertibles come with either two or four seater sedan options. If you have kids, the four seater would be the best option for you. If you are single, or married with no kids, a two seater may just be the fun and small car you are looking for.

2. Hard or Soft Top

Depending on your style preference, you must figure out whether a hardtop or soft top is better for you. A soft top may have the look you are looking for, however keep in mind the ability for the top to wear and tear, and fade in certain weather.

3. Seasonal Concerns

Seasonal concerns are important to keep in mind. If you live up north, fall and winter will limit the days you can put your top down. However, if you are brave enough many newer convertibles offer the option of full seat heaters, including neck and head heaters, so you might be able to make it work if it isn’t too cold or snowing. For those that live in southern states like Florida, there may be days where it is just too hot to put the top down. Additionally, cloth tops can quickly fade from too much sun exposure, so it is best to have a covered parking space at home or work to keep the color intact.

4. Safety

Safety can tend to be a huge concern with convertibles. If the top is down and a rollover accident occurs, this could lead to a very serious and traumatic situation. However, when the top is up your life could be saved by a roll bar option many convertibles now offer.

5. A Convertible Could Cost More: Insurance and Repair

The final thing to keep in mind when purchasing a convertible is the cost of car insurance and the potential cost for repairs to the convertible top. Since the top can be down on a convertible, passengers and drivers are at risk for more potential injuries in case of an accident while cruising and because of this, car insurance premiums are typically higher. So before making your purchase, call your insurance company and ask them for a quote on the cost to insure the vehicle. Also, a convertible has more car parts and systems for the top to operate, so that is a couple other potential sources for repairs down the road.


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