Looking at Ireland’s Auto Industry for St. Patrick’s Day

March 17th, 2016 by

With St. Patrick’s Day being today, we wanted to take a look at what the auto industry is like in Ireland. With a population just over 4.5 million, the country’s auto market is much different than America’s, yet there are some similarities in recent trends.

In 2015, car sales in Ireland increased by 30% and are the highest they have been since 2008 — the U.S. also had a record breaking year among car sales. While the trend for more fuel efficient cars has been growing in the United States over the last few years, small and fuel efficient cars have long been a trend in Ireland.

For three years the Volkswagen Golf has been the best-selling car, however, this year the car’s popularity in Ireland may change due to VW’s emissions scandal. Surprisingly, two of the ten cars on the list of top ten selling cars in in 2015 in Ireland are made by the American manufacturer, Ford. Sales of the Ford Focus increased by 12% in 2015 making the car the second best seller in Ireland and the Ford Fiesta was seventh on the list.

If you ever go to Ireland, don’t expect all of the cars to be colored in a green hue. Contrary to the American notion that green is a lucky color on St. Patrick’s Day and in Ireland, green is actually an unlucky car color. According to the site for Liberty Insurance in Ireland, “many people believe that green is an unlucky colour for a car, and this goes way back to ancient times when green was associated with wood spirits and considered very unlucky.”  

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