Looking For a Used Truck? Here is what you Need to Know!

March 24th, 2017 by

what to look for in a used truck

Due to all of the fun outdoors activities that involve boats, there is a high demand for trucks in South Florida and South Floridians are learning that used trucks are just as good as new trucks, and more affordable. Rather than pay top dollar for a truck that has 0 miles on it, buying a used truck means you will have plenty of money to spend on the things you need for your towing job. Also, used truck dealerships like Driver’s Auto Mart have trucks that have already been modified by their previous owners, so there are trucks that already have a special type of trailer hitch that you may want or need.

When looking for a used trucks, here is what to look out for:

  • Bed condition is a huge thing to check on when looking into a used truck. The bed of the truck may look like it’s good to go, but do a thorough check. You don’t want discover too late that under the bed liner there are holes and other damage.
  • Check for rust and corrosion! If there is rust and corrosion it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get the truck. It really depends where the damage is and how bad it is. If it is just a bit of rust on the paint that can be fixed DIY or at a shop for a reasonable price, but if rust and corrosion has gotten into any mechanical aspects of the vehicle or the wheels are rusted that’s another story. In that case you will spend a lot of money to fix it and are better off looking for a different truck.
  • Check for transmission, engine, brakes and drive shaft issues. Unless you are a mechanic, this is better off being done by a professional. However, these issues can be avoided when buying from a certified dealership.
  • What’s the frame condition? If the frame has evidence of damage, it generally means the vehicle has been beat up or in an accident and you may be better off not trusting that. Of course running the Carfax report will always tell you about major accidents and the extent of the damage as well.

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