Millennials Prefer Chevrolet Over Every Other Automotive Brand

March 29th, 2019 by
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Trends have changed in recent years regarding automotive preferences among buyers. Currently, pickups have been surging in popularity, but who is buying them? According to a recent study, Millennials,  the new largest generation in the United States are playing a role in this spike,. There was great news to be discovered for General Motors (GM) and Chevrolet after a recent study had been published.

New research released by Autolist, a  company dedicated to helping customers find and sell their vehicles, highlights how Millennials favor Chevrolet over other brands that sell vehicles in the United States. The age group for Millennials has been roughly identified as people born between 1981 and 1996. This means all Millennials are between the ages of 23 and 38 today. Autolist collected the data of 1,750 new car shoppers under the age of 36 as a basis for their claim. Which brand came out on top? None other than Chevrolet.

The Choice Is Simple

Millennials choose Chevrolet over all other brands and are most likely to contemplate picking Chevrolet while shopping for a new car first. We know this because that was one of the questions asked by Autolist. Besides which brand would a Millennial chose. Another question aimed at the 1,750 new car shoppers was “Which brand would your age group most likely choose between Toyota, Ford, Honda, Dodge, Chevrolet, and Ram?”. The answer wound up being Chevrolet. That spoke volumes considering this group of Millennial customers also presently own a Chevrolet vehicle over the other brands. So, we learned Chevrolet is the brand they think represents their age group, they currently own Chevrolet and would still buy it.

More Reasons Why Chevrolet Has Earned Appeal Among Millennials

Chevrolet has made their products to be modern and geared their interiors to provide a high-tech rich experience. Reflecting on the needs of Millennials to have Wi-Fi, Chevy added Wi-Fi- hot spots. To allow for safer drivers, Chevrolet quickly adopted Apple CarPlay and Android Auto also. Chevrolet won the hearts of Millennials and their wallets. The most popular vehicle under the Chevy umbrella of vehicles was none other than the Chevrolet Silverado. According to Autolist’s top analyst, Chase Disher, the Chevrolet advertising was effective at getting the point across their brand is well-recognized for being successful. Chevrolet also appeals heavily towards budget-conscious Millennials.

“Chevy is doing a great job of trading on its reputation as a no-nonsense, affordable brand while at the same time adding to its vehicles the stuff younger buyers covet. This includes things like WiFi hotspots, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, wireless phone charging and an intuitive infotainment system,” said Disher.

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