Mods to Make Your Truck Look a Little More Intimidating

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Trucks already have a reputation as aggressive vehicles. Trucks are big and tall, which definitely makes them look intimidating, but we understand many drivers like to make their truck look even more aggressive. How you ask? We’ll give you some ideas.

Darker the Better

Exterior style is the biggest thing to alter to change your truck’s appearance and if you are going for intimidation, the darker the truck’s accents the better. Nothing looks more fierce than a blacked out truck roaring at you.  Black gloss or matte black wheels, racing stripes, paint color, rims, and hood decals go along way. In addition, adding tinted windows, and/or tinted appearance to headlights, fog lights, and tail lights can add an aggressive style to your truck as well.  


Ok, so a dark exterior appearance is good, but at the same time, a lot of lights also make it stand out and rugged looking. Fog lights are available different colors from neon to red and not only do fog lights add functionality but colored fog lights add a darker and more intense look to the truck at night. In addition, LED light bars for the top of the truck really say you mean business, especially when off-roading at night. LED lights are available in many different colors and styles and they can also be installed in the interior of your car for some extra ambiance.

Lift Kits and Exhausts

Nothing looks more intimidating than a truck that is so tall that you don’t even know how to get in it. Lift kits are fairly popular truck modifications and they instantly make a truck look like something that no one wants to mess with. Lift kits raise the height of a vehicle from the ground and they range anywhere from an inch to a foot and then some.

Replacing a truck’s factory exhaust with a larger aftermarket exhaust will make a truck look customized, fierce and it will make the truck a sound awsome. There are a variety of types of exhausts, including the one used in the photo above. This exhaust is so huge it goes through the truck bed! Wow!

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