New iPhone 7? Find a New Way to Listen to Music in Your Car

September 21st, 2016 by


Recently, there has been a buzz in the public and the media regarding the new iPhone 7. The newest iPhone model has no audio jack! Do you listen to your iPhone through you car speakers via a tape adaptor or auxiliary cable? Well, that just got a little harder with the iPhone 7.

Now, if you already received or plan on getting the iPhone 7, you’re car-listening experience is not at a total loss. There are one of two things users can do to listen to their iPhone 7 through their car’s speakers.

One method is via Bluetooth. Bluetooth technology is a wireless alternative to data cables by exchanging data using radio transmissions. Those who drive cars that have Bluetooth will be able to program their phone and car to pick up each other’s signals, thereby allowing your phone to play through your car’s speakers. While Bluetooth technology is becoming an increasingly common standard feature in cars each year, older car models may not have that tech. So what can you do?

The second method to listen to music through your car is the Apple adaptor. The adaptor is a device that can connect to your phone via the charging port and the other end of the adapter is a headphone jack, which will allow users to plug in their aux cable or cassette tape adapter.

Don’t get too comfortable with current technology. Phone tech, car tech, Internet tech, all tech is always changing. Standard features of yesterday, can quickly be replaced by newer tech by tomorrow.

Automakers have already begun making big changes to their vehicles. Fuel tanks on some cars have been replaced with electric charging fuel cells, car materials are increasingly changing, and the biggest change of them all — no drivers — is being tested!

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