Don’t Pokemon Go and Drive, Here’s Who Did

July 25th, 2016 by

Pokemon Go is the latest fad app being played by people all over the world. Why so popular? It is actually a really great game for many reasons new to the “gaming” world. Unlike computer or video games that can be played at home behind a screen, Pokemon Go encourages exercise, going outside, and even communication with others.

People like the game so much, they play it even while they are driving — so dangerous! We’re only a few weeks into its introduction, and there have been several accidents caused by drivers. In case you don’t believe the accidents are real, or that Pokemon Go is okay to play while driving, here are four accidents to show you why safety is more important than catching a Pokemon.


  • Driver crashes into a police car: A driver in Baltimore, Maryland was caught on camera crashing into a parked police car while on his phone and he admitted to playing Pokemon Go while driving. Luckily, no officers were in the vehicle at the time, and the driver and passengers were all okay.


  • A man playing Pokemon Go hits a tree: A driver in Auburn, New York ran off the road playing the app and crashed into a tree. According to the police the engine was starting to “come into the passenger compartment.” The driver is lucky to have not been seriously injured or even dead.


  • Teen runs across highway to catch a Pokemon: This story is one of the craziest yet. A fifteen year old girl crossed a major highway to catch a Pokemon. She sustained injuries and was taken to the hospital after she was struck by a vehicle. She is expected to recover, but her family blames Pokemon Go.


  • Two Wisconsin drivers hit a tree playing the game: Within one week of each other, two individuals in Wisconsin ran off the road and hit a tree because of driving while playing the app. One driver was taken to the hospital with injuries that were not life threatening. That driver was both intoxicated and playing Pokemon Go.

Hopefully these stories gave you a good reason to put down the game while you are driving, and focus on the road ahead. Besides, the point of the game is to get out and walk!

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