Choosing a Safe & Affordable Used Car in Pembroke Pines for Your Teen Driver

March 28th, 2014 by

When your son or daughter is ready to start driving, they feel nothing but excitement. As parents of a new driver, though, the emotions you feel are quite the opposite. You may feel worried about your child’s safety and stressed about purchasing a new car for them.

At Driver’s Auto Mart, your go-to place for a used car in Pembroke Pines, we have a bit of information that will put your mind at ease and (for once) allow you to get on the same level as your teenager. After all, why should they be the only ones excited about driving; for you, this means an in-house errand runner!

Pembroke Pines Used Cars Have It All

First, let’s look at price and value. New cars carry higher insurance rates and higher price tags. They also depreciate quicker than pre-owned rides, especially if not maintained properly. So for price and value, used cars are great options for a new driver.

You may also be worrying about safety.  Well, worry not because you can find used cars in Pembroke Pines with seriously advanced safety appointments included, even if these cars are not from the 2014 or 2015 model year.

Take for example a used Chevrolet Cobalt LS currently on our Florida lot. This coupe delivers the best of both worlds. To start, it is priced below $10K, so it will be the perfect birthday present for your new driver- a surprise they won’t be expecting and that won’t break your bank.

It also comes equipped with a rear head air bag, a front head air bag, intelligent driver and front passenger air bags, a Tire Pressure Monitor, an engine immobilizer, all-season tires and more to keep your teen safe.

Not to mention, this ride is a coupe, so your kid will be happy with its sporty appeal.

That’s just one of the very many safe and affordable vehicles we have to offer to parents shopping for their child’s first car. Come visit Driver’s Auto Mart and we will help you find the perfect safe vehicle within your budget for your teen driver. Call us today at 954-400-4222 for more information.