Six Ways To Make A Road Trip Fun

June 7th, 2016 by

Alright we all know that kids don’t do well in cars on road trips, but adults can get bored, too.

1. Want to explore a new destination with your car? Don’t plan, just drive. Flip a coin, heads for north, tails for south and drive. Once you figure out north or south, flip another coin for east or west when you are ready to change up the direction. Make up the rules as you go.
2. Follow all the odd billboards and attractions along the way. If the sign says “world’s biggest gator ahead”, pull off and go see the gator.
3.Collect something at each stop. Get a small souvenir everytime you stop, whether it is a gas station, fast food joint along the way, or a stop at a weird attraction — get something to remind you of that spot.
4. Play games along the way to pass the time. License plate bingo, the alphabet game, car yoga, or whatever you car game pleasure may be.
5. Have each passenger put their top 20 all time favorite songs on a playlist in Spotify or Soundcloud. Then, shuffle the playlist and listen to each song through the whole thing.
6. Take pictures! Take lots of pictures! Take in every moment you can, and keep the memory forever (maybe even with a polaroid camera). Scrapbook the memories after returning from the trip.

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Photo Source/Copyright: Jacob Lund

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