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April 22nd, 2016 by

It’s well-known that the auto industry has been dominated by men since its beginnings in the early 20th Century. However, women are slowly becoming more involved in the auto world as both consumers and employees.

In 2014, Mary Barra became the CEO and Chairman of General Motors, making her the first female CEO of a major auto manufacturer. But just as important as Barra’s achievement is to diversifying the industry is the women who are in the auto industry at the grassroots level, like Nina, a saleswoman at Driver’s Auto Mart.

Nina has worked at Driver’s Auto Mart for three months and it’s her first position in the car industry — and she’s killing it.

Hired based on her past sales experience in the digital industry, Nina received no training in car sales and in her first month of employment, she had the most sales out of all of the other salespeople — all men. In her second month she had the second-most sales, and currently she is sitting pretty — again she has more sales than any other salesperson.

Though her previous position has no relation to the auto world, her past sales experience and charisma help her to be successful whether the product is phones or autos. Though she wasn’t given any training on the practice of selling cars, she did spend a lot of time walking the lot and studying online on to learn about cars.

Put simply, the positives she sees as being a woman in the industry is being a woman in the industry. “If male customers see that you know what you are doing they will respect you,” Nina said. “And women customers feel more comfortable with you. They don’t feel like you will take advantage of them.”

Though Nina has no complaints about being a woman the industry, she has had to deal with some gender biases with customers. She wears the same white button-down as her male coworkers and she has the option of wearing a skirt or pants, but she usually chooses to wear pants.

“Every once in awhile I’ll wear a skirt, but when I wear pants it is easier to keep the focus on myself and what I am selling,” Nina said.

So what advice does Nina have for women looking to buy a car?

“Know what you’re doing,” Nina said. “Look at your contract and know what it says.”

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