Surprisingly Common Items People Find in Their New Used Car

September 13th, 2016 by


Who doesn’t love a good story? Well, we did a little looking on the Internet and found many forums and threads where people have shared stories about the unique finds waiting for them in their new used car. Here are some of the surprisingly common items people find in their new used car.

Guns, Guns, and More Guns

Apparently guns and or ammunition is cars is a common thing people forget to take with them before trading in or selling their car. On many different internet threads people discuss finding guns and ammunition left in the glove box. That seems like something you would not want to forget.

One of the stranger stories we found on this topic was a man who bought a fixer-upper Jeep Cherokee. After purchasing it, he found a variety of gun-related items in the the center console that are a little curious when paired together. Not only were there a variety of bullets for different types of guns, but there were also random pills, shotgun pellets, and a child’s glove in the air filter. Could be creepy or could just coincidences. We should point out, if you do happen to find a gun or ammunition, you should turn the gun into the police and let them return it to the owner.


Finding money always makes for a good day and in some cases, new car owners have found amounts of money that make for VERY good days. People forgetting money in used cars is another very common thing according to internet threads and there are plenty of stories where people found hundreds of dollars in their new used car.

In fact, one guy who bought his car from a police station found hundreds of dollars tied up and hidden in the side of the car. While he was doing some repairs at home, the man took off the panel on the inside of the door and noticed a black bag. In the bag was several stacks of duct-taped $10s. You can let your imagination run wild with that scenario.

Who knows, maybe you could find a spare $20 bill in a car at Driver’s Auto Mart, but don’t count on it. Again, if you do happen to find more than just a few spare bills, you should make an effort to turn the money in. Not only to be a good samaritan, but also because you never know when that money could actually be tied to a crime … that would be a real unlucky turn to what you thought was a fortunate chance.


Animals seem like a large and bizarre thing to leave in a car that you are getting rid of? But, people never cease to amaze us. Apparently, there are many people who have bought a used car that has random animals inside.

In one story, a person drove off a used car lot and later found a cat in it. The owner ended up adopting and keeping the cat. If you ask us, a cat and a car all-in-one, sounds like a great deal, but the animal stories aren’t always such ideal pets. There are also stories involving squirrels and birds, that could be quite scary if they start running around while you are mid-way home and on the highway!

Here at Driver’s Auto Mart

We couldn’t end this story without telling you some crazy stories of our own. Upon inspection of a used car here our detail team has found some interesting things. Drugs seem to be a common thing people just forget in their cars. We didn’t realize we were getting Tony Montana’s car!

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photo source: shutterstock