Things that Impact your Vehicle’s Interior Temperature in South Florida

September 26th, 2017 by

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South Florida doesn’t have much in the way of seasons and it’s almost in the 80s year round. While many of us love it for the beach, not having to deal with snow and feeling like paradise all year, it does make some things difficult. For example, getting into your car at the end of the day. There are a few things you may want to keep in mind when it comes to buying a new car in Florida!


Keep in mind the darker the exterior color of a vehicle, the hotter the car will get. Some great colors for South Florida are white gray, tan, light blue and silver. We aren’t saying don’t get a black car, we are just saying keep in mind the heat!


Just like the exterior, the darker the interior, the hotter a vehicle will get. Also, cloth seats don’t absorb heat as much as leather does, so vehicle’s with cloth interiors don’t get nearly as hot and cool off much quicker!


Having tint on your vehicle’s windows is a smart idea for Floridians. Not only does it look great, but tinted windows help keep a vehicle cooler when it is in the sun. The darker the tint, the better the chances of it keeping a vehicle cooler, but there are legal limits to how dark a vehicle’s tint can be.


Sunroofs are awesome, they can add an open feel like a convertible to any car, SUV or truck. Who doesn’t love driving down A1A with windows down and the sunroof open? However, as you would expect, the sunroof allows more sun and heat to get in. So, if you have a sunroof, and it doesn’t come with one, consider getting a shade to keep the heat out.
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