Top 10 Best Cars For Golfers near Fort Lauderdale

May 22nd, 2015 by

At Driver’s Auto Mart, our Fort Lauderdale area used car dealership, we know that it’s important to look top notch on your way to the country club for a nice 18 hole session. Have you been pulling up to the course in the same ride year after year? We bet you haven’t even realized that your car is the most outdated one in the parking lot. It’s probably time for an upgrade. At Driver’s Auto Mart, our lot is filled with outstanding golf-car candidates for Fort Lauderdale shoppers. Check these out.

Aim For An Eagle With These Cars

  1. BMW 5 Series: BMW’s midsize sedan possesses that class and posture that will never go out of style. Show up to the course in one of these bad boys and your competitors will be talking about much more than your swing.
  2. Volkswagen Touareg: For a while now, the Touareg has been one of the most versatile and affordable luxury crossovers on the market. With space for all of your friends and their golf gear, how you could let a model that looks this hot in the lot pass you by?
  3. Cadillac CTS: A golf-car list wouldn’t be complete without this classy sedan that invented elegance. This land yacht has more than enough room in the truck for a few golf bags. Now your dreams are really coming true: owning a Caddy and having a different set of clubs for every day of the week.
  4. Jeep Grand Cherokee: Want to give the other golfers a clear message? Tell them that you’re ready to rock in style when you pull up in a Jeep Cherokee. Get ready to kick some golfer tush.

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