Top 10 Terrifying Driving Situations That You Can Get Yourself Out Of

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When it comes to driving, there’s a saying that goes “you don’t drive for yourself, you drive for other people.” Whether you are a student driver or a so-called expert, it is your responsibility to do your due diligence by making safe driving decisions. Yet there are some circumstances that just seem out of our control, like an unstable driver, bad weather, or even an impending collision. Luckily Driver’s Auto Mart has come up with 10 Terrifying Driving Situations That You Can Get Yourself Out Of!

Wrong Way Wendy

You see a car zooming off but for some reason, it’s not in his or her respective lane, rather it’s yours. Clearly, you don’t have much time to sit there and panic. The best thing to do in this situation is to try to get the attention of the unstable driver by honking your horn and flashing your headlights, likely while trying to move over to avoid the incoming collision. Also, try to avoid staring at the vehicle, as you should concentrate on the area that you want to move to.

The Blinding Sun

It takes just a few short moments to cause an accident and the glare from the blinding sun during either the early morning hours or late afternoon is one of the culprits for why accidents happen. A study done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that sun glare is the cause of a few hundred accidents in the U.S every year. Fortunately, there are simple solutions to this problem such as wear sunglasses during the hours where it’s likely to happen, using the sun visor, and ultimately slowing down and leaving yourself some room so that you have more time to react.

The Tailgating Tackle

Tailgators are the worst but are inevitable, especially during heavy traffic. I especially have a bit more disdain for tailgaters who honk at me and I find myself driving a little slower just out of spite…but don’t do that. Instead, it’s best to pull over and let the other vehicle go past you, this is the best method because there may be an emergency and that last thing that you want to do is have a car fight with a driver that is emotionally unstable. 

An Impaired Driver

Whether or not a driver has his or her emergency light on, if there is any indication that they might be impaired then give them an ample amount of room and do not tailgate at any costs. Keep in mind that an impaired can be driver doesn’t just have to be considered impaired because they have a mechanical issue, they also may be under the influence of either drugs or alcohol, therefore, you must give them a generous amount of room because you cannot predict his or her actions.

A Rear-Ended Wreck

Now let’s say that this same impaired driver isn’t in front of you but behind you, and as a matter of fact, you’re about 10 seconds from getting rear-ended and with no way to avoid the collision. When preparing the inevitable, it is advised to take your foot off of the brake, as your car roll will forward and may lessen the impact. Additionally, it is also advised to press yourself against the headrest since your body will be thrown backward, therefore doing this may help to prevent whiplash.

The Chicken That Crossed The Road

This time, the incoming collision has nothing to do with an impaired driver but (depending on where you live) it’s actually an animal. If you see Bambi casually walking through rush hour traffic, you can avoid him by braking lightly and finding another spot to go around him. Acting fast is always important upon possible collisions.

Slow Down or Speed Up?

When approaching an intersection, sometimes lines can get blurred when it comes to the rules of the road, one of them being whether or not to slow down when the yellow light turns on as you approach an intersection. This is where your personal judgment would come into play, ultimately you should never drive through a yellow light if you have enough room and time in order to stop before the light turns.

The Awkward Moment At The Four-Way Stop

Here’s another situation that requires your personal judgment, the flustering four-way stop. Normally, the rule is that whoever makes it the stop sign first has the right away but if multiple cars stop at the same time, then try making eye contact with other drivers before proceeding. Ultimately one of them may look and gesture to you as to either or not to move forward, but please do so with caution.

When Cars Don’t Swim

If this were to happen, the most likely scenarios would either be that there the road is already immersed in water due to a flood or somehow you veer off the road and land yourself in a body of water nearby. 

If the first scenario remains true, it’s recommended that drivers avoid driving through water that’s more than 4 inches high due to damage of the engine and if there is no way out, you might have to ditch your car. Bigger trucks, however, may still be able to drive but with extreme caution.

However, if the second scenario remains true then don’t waste any time trying to open your door. In most cases, the windows and doors are powered by automatic locks, so it’s best to use them ASAP but in case this fails, try breaking the window using either a shoe or key.

Sharknado (Without The Sharks)

As I said throughout this article, in these situations, it’s always best to act fast and never wait. In the case of a tornado, don’t wait it out and expose yourself to dangerous debris. If possible try driving out the tornado’s path by moving at a right angle on the opposite side of its vortex but if not, then ditch your car and seek shelter immediately. However, those who live more in the countryside should leave his or her car to get themselves away from any trees, cars, or other large formations. Then, face downwards while covering his or her head with their arms.

How Driver’s Auto Mart Can Help

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