Top 8 Reasons Why Autonomous Vehicles Enhance The Way We Drive

October 26th, 2021 by


For the time being, electric vehicles and plug-ins are the hot new thing on the market, but perhaps within the next decade, autonomous vehicles will be the main focal point. They’ve already been slowly implemented in modern vehicles with features like SuperCruise control and Lane-Keeping Assist. While there are some valid reasons for validation and concerns, one should understand the overall benefits of giving up the wheel in the long run.

Lighter Traffic

Wouldn’t that be a sight to see? Think about it, with the majority of autonomous vehicles regulating the speed and following a safe distance, together with information regarding traffic volume sent to municipal systems, this will result in an easier traffic flow and less congestion.

More Fuel Preservation

This coincides with the concept of ease of traffic congestion. With a lighter flow of cars on the road, there will be less stopping and starting, or just plain idleness, which means you’ll be able to save some fuel. This would ring true whether you’re on the highway or the main road.

Less Schmucks On The Road

You no longer have to worry about drivers with a short fuse taking their anger out on your tailend, instead, they’ll just have to Tweet out their frustration. Better to simply press the block button than deal with an unnecessary crash.

Fewer Crashes

According to the assessment by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), the rise in driverless cars will result in fewer traffic deaths, the reason is that the majority of vehicle crashes are due to human error. Due to regulation in speed and distance from these self-driving cars, they’ll be able to see a potential crash and prevent it.

Less Tardiness

No more looking up and down between the navigation screen and the road while traveling, because instead, you’ll simply calculate your desired location in your app and take a nap on the way to your destination. Your route and travel time will be calculated, and will also tell you the best time to leave. You can monitor your trip and give a friend your meeting an accurate estimate of your arrival time.

Less Stressors

Anxiety while driving or overall stress during rush hour traffic will be a thing of the past as you’ll no longer need to fret about being constantly prepared to brake, deal with either angry drivers, student drivers or grannies, and that lady putting her makeup at the red light now turned green. Those using adaptive cruise control may already find that they aren’t noticing these annoyances as much.

Lowered Insurance Rates

Here’s a nightmare for insurance carriers in the future world of self-driving cars, car accidents will no longer be dependent on the failure of the drivers. Autonomous vehicles will be centered on self-preservation and overall prevention, which means that claims and rates will go in a steep decline.

Ensured Safety For Teens and Elderly

Finally, you’ll never have to worry about your tennie-bopper getting into a fender-bender, because you know that the car will look out for them when they don’t. The same goes for your elderly parents who have begun to lose their ability to drive safely, either from a loss of hearing or eyesight. Now, they can strap in without needing too much assistance to get to their favorite bingo place.

Driver’s Auto Mart

Although we’ll have to wait a while for these autonomous vehicles, there are several brands such as Audi, Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, and Dodge that have advanced driver assistance systems that almost provide a hint of what we have coming our way. 

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