The Truth About Gas Selection

June 21st, 2016 by

There are all sorts of rumors out there regarding quality of gas, some of which have some truth to them. After reading this, you will understand the truth to gas quality.

What’s really in a name?

Many people think there is a difference in the quality of gas at well-known gas station companies like Shell or BP, as opposed to the lesser known gas station companies such as Jet Pep. However, there really is not a difference besides price. The well known oil companies get away with higher prices, because you are buying into the brand. No matter what gas station it is, they are all required to put their gas through tests, to assure it is safe for every vehicle. Meaning, in the end there is really no huge difference between the gas at Shell and the gas at a lesser known gas station.

Now, another gas related question people have is what is the difference between Premium and Regular gas, this is a great question with a fairly simple answer. The answer is that it depends on what you drive. If you drive a sports car with a high performance rate, and the car company suggests you use premium gas, there is a reason for this. The reason is that the higher octane level means there is an additional chemicals in the gas. For higher performance vehicle this may provide the benefit of a smoother and cleaner ride.

However, some people believe putting premium in a more simple car such as a Camry will make it faster, and this is just a rumor. Using regular gas in a car in which the car company suggests regular gas, means that is all the car needs. Putting premium in a car like this will do nothing more than cost you more money. Bottom line is, follow the guidelines set by the manufacturer of your car and you’ll be all set!

Hopefully this post cleared up some rumors.

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