7 Very Unique Car Features

December 8th, 2015 by

The masters of automotive engineering of the past and present strive to create lasting quality and originality. While most of us expect more of the unusual car features to be reserved for luxury brands, various models of all calibers and price ranges have had some type of quirky or ingenious feature they can call their own.

Highway Hi-Fi Record Player

The Hi-Fi phonograph player was all the rage when Chrysler offered them in the Chrysler 300 models produced from 1956 to 1959. Unfortunately increased pressure from the record player’s needle reportedly caused unnecessary damage to the records played and this wasn’t a long-lasting trend. In addition to Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth and DeSoto also made Highway Hi-Fi record players available in some their 1956 models. Here’s a list of our available Chrysler models

Magnetized Glove Box Mini-Bar

Cadillac introduced the innovative and luxurious Eldorado Brougham in 1957. To display their level of luxury this model was equipped with a minibar in the glove box. The minibar consisted of a set of four metal tumblers that were magnetized so they would not move around or spill while driving. While this feature is definitely the most bizarre feature of this car, this was not the only luxury feature of this model. Other of the Eldorado’s luxury features included a cigarette dispenser, a perfume dispenser and various toiletries for ladies.

Swivel Seats

In 1974 Chevy introduced swivel seats to the Laguna S3. This new design lessened the wear-and-tear on the car’s vinyl seats but also enhanced user experience by making it easier for passengers to get in and out of the car. The Laguna or Chevrolet were not first or last to incorporate this feature but this feature is not a common feature in any cars today.

Top Speed Key

The 2011 Bugatti Veyron retails for approximately $1.7 million and can reach a top speed of 250 miles per hour, but only if the driver uses the aforementioned top speed key. Once inserted, the key triggers the vehicle’s rear spoiler and suspension to lower so the car’s aerodynamics improve. Additionally, steering becomes limited to improve driver safety.

Fragrance Dispenser

The Fiat 500 comes with a unique fragrance dispenser that is still an available in cars today. The battery-operated dispenser plugs into the car’s lighter which sporadically dispenses scent. The accessory is equipped with three various scents that can be refilled once emptied.

Hot Stone Massage Chairs

The 2014 edition of the S-Class Benz comes with a hot stone heated massaging chair that offers the driver six different styles of massage. 14 separate air cushions control the action and have an adjustable temperature to ensure comfort through any season. Car owners that have a driver can custom order this feature to be installed in a back seat as well. Check out our Mercedes inventory, we might have one of these available. 

Umbrella Compartment

The Rolls-Royce Phantom and Ghost models are both equipped with full-size umbrellas and  special umbrella holder located in the car’s door. Although this is a feature many would consider a luxury car feature, Volkswagen did incorporate a similar umbrella compartment in the doors of their vehicles as early as 1981. Unfortunately, Volkswagen vehicles don’t come with this feature as of 2015.