You Can’t Do Better Than a BMW at our Miami Used Car Dealership

January 16th, 2016 by

It’s difficult to imagine a car better suited for performance driving enthusiasts than a BMW. Backed by a legacy of powertrain innovation and an impressive motorsport history, this brand comes standard with luxury amenities and an incomparable road presence. At our used car dealership serving Miami, we carry a selection of late model BMWs, hand-picked from the golden age of automotive manufacturing.

BMW 3 Series

Referred to as the “Gold Standard” of sports sedans, this versatile BMW series comes in a range of models, and we have several at our Miami used car dealership. Whether you’re looking for a sporty 6-cylinder coupe to leave everyone in the dust, a wagon to bring luxury for the whole family, or a late-model sedan that can still make it to 60 miles per hour in under six seconds, there’s a 3 Series car for everyone.

This series has been manufactured since 1975, and every model year ushers change and the conquering of new frontiers. As BMW’s best-selling model, when you get behind the wheel, you know you’re at the helm of a carefully engineered driving machine. Modified 3 Series BMW models are award-winning racecars thanks to their smooth and impressive acceleration in tandem with excellent handling.

BMW 7 Series

This full-size luxury sedan will bring the joy of a comfortable drive to anyone who sits inside. Leather seating and a marvelous amount of space are just the beginning of a list of features that make this inviting ride a must-have for fans of sporty comfort. Its sophisticated presence will turn heads; its V8 engine will keep yours in the game. The interior is equipped with minor touches that have a big impact on elegance: alloy trim on the shift knob and authentic woodgrain accents make for a warm interior that provides the comforts of home when you’re on the go.

Drivers looking for beautifully engineered vehicles regardless of purpose should pursue a BMW. Their focus on comfort doesn’t sacrifice performance even a little bit. Come find out by visiting our dealership for a test drive!


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