Learn How To Get The Answers You Need To Know From Your Used Car Dealership In Davie

November 4th, 2014 by

Our used car dealership in Davie knows that buying used cars can be a tiring and exhaustive process. With a lot of shady dealers out there, it can be hard to figure out where to buy from and who to trust. We know what questions you should be asking. Be the interviewer and grill your dealer with the following questions:

  • “What kind of used cars do you sell?”– If you’re searching for a minivan, and they only sell SUVs, you may be out of luck and wasting your time. Make sure you’re getting the car you want.
  • “Do you have a good selection to choose from?”– Know the brands they carry, the quantity of each, and the “Resale” value of the cars.
  • “Can I see the mechanic’s pre-certification inspection?”– Ask how many times the vehicle was inspected to get a clear picture on how well they know the car’s current condition.
  • “Can I take it for a test drive?”– If they say no, this may be a red flag that they are hiding something from you prior to purchase.
  • “Who was the last owner of the car and what was his/her profession?”– This answer will tell you how much it was used and for what purpose.
  • “What are the options for payment?”– Find out if you can pay in cash or if you have to use a credit loan. This can impact your financial future.
  • “What are the requirements for purchasing a vehicle?”– Always know what types of documents you need such as your driver’s license, proof of income, or proof of residence.
  • “What is the required down payment for buying a vehicle?”– The lower the down payment, the higher the monthly payment will be. If you can’t afford these monthly payments, you need to find a different option that better fits your financial needs.
  • “What makes you different from the other car dealers advertising for people with credit problems?”– Know their customers and number of stores they have. Also, be sure that they are professional, experienced, and have a highly trained staff.

Avoid the Used Car Crooks – Shop at Driver’s Auto Mart in Davie Instead

Driver’s Auto Mart, our used car dealer in Davie, is aware that you need to be able to trust your dealer before making a purchase and we work very hard to earn and keep that trust. We want to be there for you when you need us the most.

You can call us at 954-400-4222 or visit us at our dealership in Davie. We would be happy to show you around the lot and have you take one of our vehicles for a spin. Come down today to see why our customers continue to trust us with their shopping experience.

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