Useful Apps for Your Car and Driving

March 23rd, 2016 by

There are over 1.6 million apps for Android phones and 1.5 million for iPhones, so there are literally millions of apps available to make your life easier, even when it comes to cars. Here are some of the apps you can download to make your future driving experiences easier or safer.

Parking Apps

Thankfully many local governments joined the app game and started using apps that allow people to pay for parking on their phone. The two major apps used are Parkmobile and PayByPhone and they are extremely popular among drivers who live in cities where paying for parking is common.

Vehicle and payment information is already stored in the app, so once parked, all a driver needs to do is enter their parking location and the duration they plan to park. Plan on staying longer than you paid to park? App users are notified before their time runs out and if they need more time they can do it from their phone and don’t need to walk back to the parking meter.

Improve Your Driving

There are a few different apps that use GPS to record how a vehicle moves and then provide drivers with a score on their driving habits. Scoring comes from driving data like acceleration, heavy braking, sharp turning, or other negative habits. The app is able to indicate specific scores for various behaviors, so app users can see which driving behaviors they should improve on.

There are several different apps that provide this information and even offer good drivers discounts on insurance or various products. Two apps available on iPhone and Android are Safe Drive, and Driver Feedback by State Farm.

Diagnostic Systems

With the purchase of a small diagnostic piece that is then connected to a car’s data port (located under the car’s dash), and an app, drivers can have a personal diagnostic system hooked up to their car. The system can tell drivers if the car is low on fuel, if there are internal engine problems and where drivers can get the cheapest gas in the area.

One of the best apps with that capability is called Dash. In case of an engine problem, Dash provides drivers with a detailed rundown of the problem and provides drivers with an estimated cost for repairs or parts. Dash can also recommend a mechanic based on rates from Yelp. Furthermore, Dash is also a system to help improve someone’s driving because the app tracks, records and scores driving behaviors.

Prevents Phone Usage While Driving

With all of the information we know now about the risks of texting and driving, there’s no excuse for those who continue the bad driving behavior. However, for whatever the reason, people are still doing it. So for those who just can’t put their phone down while driving, there are several apps out there that will disable phone features like apps, incoming calls and text messages, when it detects the phone is in motion. Just simply put in the keywords “no text and drive” in your app store and you will find plenty of results for apps that can help you break this bad habit. These are also very useful for parents of new, teen drivers!


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