Ways to Increase Fuel Efficiency Pt. 1: Driving Tips

February 10th, 2016 by

increase fuel efficiency

Since the regulations requiring American car manufactures to steadily produce more fuel efficient cars, we’ve seen a great increase in cars that have improved fuel-efficiency. However, many drivers have cars that predate the newer technologies, but there are effective driving tips that can help maximize your car’s efficiency.

Don’t speed.

The faster you move, the harder the car’s engine has to work to push through the wind. Speeding can reduce fuel efficiency by up to 33%. Speed limits are not only set to try to keep drivers safe, but they are also based on the amount of open road and frequency of stops a driver will have to make — there’s no point to speed and then stop at a light.   

Don’t be a tailgater.

Don’t stick to the bumper of the car directly in front of you. Having to use your breaks also results in accelerating more which burns fuel faster. Even if the car should be going faster, you are costing yourself by following too close.

Cruise control.

Cruise control is an excellent way to help increase fuel efficiency when traveling at higher speeds on the highway or interstate. When cruise control is set, your car’s R.P.M.s are more consistent (unless you’re traveling on hills or mountains) so it is burning fuel more efficiently.  

Check your route.

Depending on where you live, a car accident can cause long delays on the roads and idling in your car increase fuel consumption. So before you leave for your morning commute or trips across town, use a GPS or traffic app to see what the traffic is like. Most apps will re-route you to a route where you will spend less time idling and wasting gas.

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