What Mods NOT To Do To Your Car or Truck

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Vehicle Mods

Modifying a car or truck is a common thing many do to add their own personal touch to the vehicle. However, there are some modifications that are truly a waste of money and/or will negatively impact your vehicle. Modifications to your vehicle can actually lower the value of of your vehicle. These are the mods we urge you to stay away from.

Adding Lift Kits with Excessive Heights

Lifting a truck can add some off-road capability as well as make it look really cool. We understand the want and need for lift kits for off-roaders. However, we have seen plenty of trucks that have added lift kits that are a little too extreme.Some people add excessive lifts ( ore than 12 inches) to give their ride an aggressive “bad boy” appearance, but at a certain height a lift does more harm than good for the truck.

  • With a lift kit comes many new parts (suspension, shocks and tires) and although the lift kit comes with a lot to assure the best capability and look, there is often a huge feature that is forgotten — new and improved brakes for the new tires and suspension.
  • The increase of tire size, plus the lift, and the addition of a heavier rotating mass that comes along with the kit can often throw off the brakes and overwhelm the stock system. This is very dangerous and is more likely the bigger the lift, especially if it is self-installed. Also, the way a vehicle handles is greatly impacted by a huge lift kit. The bigger the lift, the worse the handling. This means incorrect steering, a shaky and uncomfortable ride, and wandering will likely be a problem.

Wheels and Tire Mistakes

There is no doubt that changing the size of the wheel can add style to your vehicle and even enhance the vehicle’s performance. Yet, there is also a lot of damage that can be done when changing your ride’s wheels. Keep in mind, changing your rims/wheel usually means changing your tires and visa versa. Here are some don’t when it comes to wheel and tire changes.

  • Universal wheels are apparently a thing. The idea of a universal wheel is that it can be added to any car, but beware, there is no such thing as a safe or proper universal wheel. Wheels and tires are very specific to your car and there is definitely not one wheel that can fit every car. Not only will this likely negatively change the way your vehicle drives, but it will be unsafe and it is a huge waste of money!
  • Investing in wheels or tires that are too big or too small is an issue for handling and performance. Generally, car companies recommend no more than a 3 percent change in size (bigger or smaller) from the vehicle’s factory sized wheels. Don’t just purchase any size wheel you like and think it will work with your car, it will not.
  • Also when is comes to wheels and tires there are a few things you should not ignore. There are many more systems impacted by wheel/tire size than you would think. So, if you purchase wheels and install them/get them installed make sure the speedometer and odometer is recalibrated, make sure your ABS (anti-brake lock system) still works, and update or change the vehicle’s suspension if it no longer rides correctly.

Lowering and Slamming Vehicles

For the most part, people lower or slam their vehicles for looks. There is no doubt a low to the ground car can add that race car look to pretty much any vehicle. Also, in some circumstances (depending on the vehicle) lowering the vehicle can add an aerodynamic aspect that allows for better performance and fuel economy. However, with all this being said, there seems to be more drawbacks than benefits to lowering your car.

  • Lowering the car generally will impact the camber in a negative way. The lowering of the car has a good chance of reducing traction and waring tires. Which for obvious reasons is very dangerous. This occurs because the camber is adjusted to fit the wheels in the wells when the car is lower to the ground.
  • A low car has a much better chance of bottoming out. Which is bad for the car because it allows important mechanical parts and suspension under the vehicle to be damaged, and it can also take the paint off of the underside of your front bumper.
  • If for any reason the car ever needs to be towed there may be issues. When a car is that low is cannot be towed like other vehicles do, it just isn’t possible because of the positioning of the body.
  • A lowered car has a greater chance at hurting the suspension, steering system, and more. This is a major safety concern.
  • Once again, just like lifting a truck’s height, lowering a car will affect the ride. The ride will be harder to handle and much more of a rough/uncomfortable drive.

We hope you found this helpful! We would hate for you to be disappointed with car or truck modifications. Do you need a car and/or truck to modify (without these mods of course), check out our inventory of vehicles at Drivers Auto Mart here.

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